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WTB: Vaughn T4000 Gloves

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On 10/5/2022 at 12:00 PM, MTH said:

I do. 

The T4000 is the GOAT.

Let me check my inventory.

Please do. Buy or trade. I have a couple of custom 5500 pre and post reduction. Kid and the father :-). Not many people realize it, 4000 was a pre-proto for the Kipper spec. I am down to the last five. Should post some pics if folks like things like that. 

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More pics the better. I'll grab some pictures of what I have left tomorrow. Forgot about this.

My T4000s are more worn though. Obviously they're all quite old now. I've never found that elusive nash palmed one that I always wished for. If I do, I'll un-retire to use that glove.

My glove of choice the past few years was an all white T4000. The backhand nylon looks like hell. Don't care. It rules.

I tried to migrate to the 6000 but never liked them.

4000 with a cheater is for the cool kids.

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