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WTB: Used SR Glove or Blocker

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  • ThatCarGuy changed the title to Looking for used sr glove or blocker
4 hours ago, dreadlocked1 said:

You're not gonna make a wallet, are you?

In all transparency yes I’d like to try my hand at making a wallet out of goalie gear for a couple reasons. 
1. $125+ from second string leather company is absurd

2. My old L fold wallet is beat to crap and should probably be replaced before stuff starts falling out of it

3. Very few wallets from SSLC actually look good imo and even less capture exactly what model they come from. Making my own means I can pick and choose where pieces go in a way I personally like, without worrying about how many I can make.

4. I want to learn how to use a sewing machine instead of sewing awl and this is a good opportunity

Also, I don’t plan on selling anything I make. I don’t see a need to compete with SSLC and frankly I don’t want to end up with high demand and spend my free time making wallets and such. 

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  • SaveByRichter35 changed the title to WTB: Used SR Glove or Blocker

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