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NEED HELP - Thigh Rise Reduction


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Going back to when I initially ordered my current pads (CCM Retroflex) I foresaw a day when my wide-ish butterfly would dump me for a younger guy and I went with a +2" thigh rise. This has proven to be a mistake given the construction of pads sitting so much higher on the boot... and causes noticeable interference when in the butterfly, VH, RVH... pretty much I'm always aware of it. I planned on sending out my pads to PAW (relatively local to me) for professional removal of 1"-1.25" ... but she is booked up with work and can't fit me in.

Given that I'll have 4-6 months before I play again (hopefully) I thought I'd use this time away from the ice productively. I have no experience opening up leg pads and confidently closing them back up. So I'm reaching out to YOU, the community at large, for your experiences in doing this mod. Please share any tools used, tips, tricks, gotchas... and especially pictures you may have of the process. 

My current plans include having the following at the ready for when I dive into this project...

  • New Top (and bottom) Jenpro Bindings w/ waxed thread
  • Speedy Stitcher
  • Seam Ripper
  • Exacto-Knife
  • Willingness to Learn
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Related... currently I have color matched Retro Tan Top and Bottom Jenpro Bindings... but I could go with Black instead (match knee bars and heel strap)... thoughts... (pardon the less than ideal color rendering on CCM's customizer)

image.png.696b3235754b86a050a599cae9728e9f.png    image.png.445364708f669d5bcceb1e6ab6e15579.png

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Reduction is not that hard. It really, really isn’t. I have reduced thigh rises and trimmed boots. If a big ol’ dummy like me can do it, ANY one can do it. 

You will need sail thread, a good upholstering needle, scissors, permanent marker, ruler, tailor’s tape measure, new thigh trims (some call them bindings), seam ripper, some patience and styptic powder.

If Sara does not have any curved upholstery needles, call Dennis at Factory Mad. A good needle is around $15.

Remove the thigh trim. Measure where you want to trim, then add 1/2”. Use the ruler to make your straight line. Open the seams on the pads with your ripper down to 1/2” below your cut line. 

Lacing cord will be cut off and re-attached at the next corresponding hole from where you cut the foam. Save the jenpro doughnut, and knot the cord on the back. I forgot that part. Damned pain killers...

Measure your foam and use the straight edge to get a good line. Cut line will be 1/2” below where you want the pad to end. Cut the foam. I use break off utility knife to cut the foam. 

Sew the pad back together, using the fabric binder for each side where you broke the seam. Continue around the top. Start and end the new seam below where you ended breaking the seam. 

After this, you will sew on the new thigh trim. If you paid attention to how it was done, it will be quite easy. The object is to have a smooth edge, and your seem will go quite low on the thigh trim (also why you leave that 1/2”). Your seam for the thigh trim will look much like this: . _ . _ .  

Will it be pretty or look factory? Not exactly; but since the pad is already altered, resale value has been affected, anyway (not that goalie gear has good resale values anyway). 

Look up my Insta @bunnydevildude and you may be able to find more hints in the pix. And don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

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18 minutes ago, BadAngle41 said:

@bunnyman666 Thanks so much!! Really anxious to tackle this project now that I understand it better. 

I’m telling you that you will find it much less daunting than it sounds or even looks. I did my thigh rise reduction whilst rehabbing from foot surgery. If you buy your supplies from Dennis, he will give you a few pointers. He’s pretty cool like that. 

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Stocking up on supplies for the upcoming mod... I posted above on this but I'm considering doing black trim on the top and bottom vs. the stock camel. Sorta matches the bindings on the glove and blocker... i dunno... let me know what you think... (images taken from the hockeyshop.com and modified for my black knee bars and example black trim)


379281982_TRPStockTrim.thumb.jpg.d2a0b71c25b689a669d08a37f6ab739c.jpg         2071885806_TRPBlackTrim.thumb.jpg.5217049cbbe2467f792a215eda2180b0.jpg

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