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  1. thebigm

    OPTIK 2

    I have seen them in person and they are gonna be sweet when they come out! Im waiting for the full customizer to come out so I can place my order!
  2. Awesome I think it will make it one of if not thee best on the market! I will make sure I will have lots in stock and offer a special TGN discount
  3. Bauer 2X Pros Pads Size large. Custom options are: square knee block, Pro bump (see picture), XL calf strap and 1" longer strap that seals the landing (I dont know what it's called lol has the 2x pro logo on it though) Blocker Stock Glove Game ready, re-enforced double offset t, skate lace pocket.
  4. I got to wear this Wed night. I wanted to write a review yesterday but never got a chance. I had a lot of catching up to do from my holidays and we just had an employee pass away Monday night. So I wore the Aegis neck guard Wednesday night. I did trim one row and made a small dip in mine as I have a 17.5" neck and the height before was way too tall for my neck. So my old neck guard was a second gen Maltese it was big and heavy but I loved it as it was super protective. I just upgraded it a month ago with a newer Maltese neck guard which is way lighter - just regular not a Reiter spec. Now I have the Aegis. Comparison: Weight comparison goes as follow from heaviest to lightest. 2nd gen Maltese, Aegis (bigger than new Maltese) Newest gen Maltese. I honestly don't find the weight to be too much of an issue as long as it's comfortable. Initial Review: I will say I have only worn this once I went on holidays shortly after receiving this and only got to try it this week. I had to trim it to make it fit my neck which is perfectly fine. The trim to fit is a sweet way to make a customizable neck guard that can appeal to the masses which is a good thing in the business world. Custom takes more time and costs more money. I will admit when I wore it on the ice for the first time I forgot I even had it on it was very comfortable and I was also maybe a little more excited to wear my custom 2x pros. Did my normal warm up routine and we started a scrimage. Shortly after we started I was reminded that I was wearing a new neck guard as it got tested very quickly first shot was a break away and hit me right up high in the collarbone and jaw of my helmet. I knew it hit me in the clavicle but I didn't feel a thing. I thought I would feel more of a pressure on it but I didn't. Usually with the Maltese I knew where it hit but wouldn't hurt. The Aegis I didn't feel it at all which is weird for me but I am okay with that. I had no problem with it being too hot it was comfortable and again forgot I was wearing it (which is a good thing) and continued playing. I did not get hit again in the neck or collar bone for the rest of the game. What I would change if I could. if you look at the post by BadAngle41 of the Aegis and Maltese being worn the only thing I would like done is to have the length a bit longer so more of the circumference of your neck is covered. You can see in BadAngle41 picture it just kinda stops in front. while Matese wraps the side of your neck. This may only be an issue for larger necks not sure though.
  5. I am in the same boat as you I am also one of the testers. my neck is roughly the same dimensions as yours. Things we have learnt about this neck guard and chatting with @TheGoalNet we have made some discoveries. If you have a neck under 17" the stock height of the collar works well. As I have a larger neck I trimmed the neck foam down a bit (photos later) and cut a small dip as well to allow better movement of my neck. The way the foam is laid out you can essentially do a trim to fit design when you pull the foam out of the neck portion. It's the best of both worlds. I would like them to make the collar an inch longer and foam an inch longer as it doesn't wrap as much as my Maltese does. But that is also a preference thing for me.
  6. I am going to guess would be the weave on the sliding surface. To get companies to build specs for certain shops they require a minimum order. So they prob order X number of pads with that colour way to get what they want.
  7. Skate lab does have goalie. I don't find it accurate for my feet personally it works for my co workers but my feet are so bad i break it lol.
  8. What makes a happy goalie guy! His new custom warrior set. Good thing as I sold my bauer 2x pro pads and needed something to wear. 20190614_160200.mp4
  9. Why? Because that's what Scott said in his VH videos when baking the skates lol. Never though of the expansion portion when standing. If you tie it really tight up top and the boot wraps too much it could prevent forward flex and its locking your foot down too much and can dig into your leg like mine when getting into your stance. he mentions 90% Here is the video. and yes you pull the laces horizontal as you can stretch and rip the eyelets it has happened before at work. Some of the new Bauer player skates may not apply as much as they are injected eyelets.
  10. I would recommend tieing them up 80% percent of what you normally do. You could damage the boot if you are one of those people that crank there skates super tight! Reason you do 80% is the top can wrap too much and cause excessive rubbing which is a problem I had.
  11. I will chime in on this! I do work for source for sports the reason they won't ship to you as we are restricted by CCM and Bauer to sell to the US as a lot of US hockey stores would have a hard time selling their product because the US dollar is very strong and people would just order from Canada as it would be significantly cheaper.
  12. When I wore it I forgot I was wearing a new chesty! I will get to test it out this weekend I'm sure all of it will improve! I will have time to make small adjustments to before the next game! I will post a mini review on everything after I am done this weekend!
  13. thebigm

    R GT/2

    not removable as I would have swapped to the Original GT part. Will be available shortly. I believe next week is launch I have to double check! hypercomp would be the main difference and the internals. I will try to get the differences later today. I am working on our new site so I don't get much free time to get to post on here. I should hopefully have the new site up and running within the next couple weeks!
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