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  1. I had the exact same issue with my VE8 glove I actually took my seem ripper and took it off and re-stitched the trim back on. Did it wall by hand but it gave way more mobility. When you order the glove you can ask for that piece to be removed.
  2. @A.YOUNGoalie13 You can buy just the replacement holders as I have ordered several for myself and some for customers. If you need some holders and steel shoot me a PM and I can get some for ya.
  3. I also use the XSG holder I had them on my custom Graf skates and my True skate now as well. Stock CCM steel is 3mm like SaveByRichter35 has mentioned with Step offering a 4mm which is called XSG FAT. @RichMan The holder will fit as long as you get the right holder size. They may have to drill a new hole or two to have the new holder fit properly which is common when switching between brands.
  4. Hey I have the following for sale price is in Canadian dollars. All brand new. Bauer 2S Pro Blocker $350 Cdn Bauer 1S Blocker $225 Cdn VE8 Pro Carbon Blocker $350 Cdn Retroflex Glove $300 Cdn 1X Glove set $550 Cdn EFlex3 Set $550 Cdn
  5. how's your flexibility? Stiff pads vary from maker I am wearing a Brina's Optik2 Mac core pad and I don't find it that stiff. It isn't as stiff as the ultrasonic. I find it personally the best balance between stiff and soft. I also have the Optik 2 pad in a flex and I find they stand taller and as they only bend when you push on them. I also they don't
  6. Hey! I have a slightly used Warrior G5 set. Used maybe a dozen or so times. I have too much gear plus more coming soon so need to get rid of these to make space! Pads 35+2 stock G5 with flat black and white weave for sliding and other white is flat Blocker stock Glove 90 degree break with a single tee and skate lace pocket. $1650 Cdn +25 to ship within Canada $40 to the US. Overseas will have to get you a quote
  7. can you take pics of the added padding?
  8. So I have multiple pads available want to move quickly all in CDN dollars. Free shipping within North America. Additional shipping for other destinations 34+1 All White G-Netik 3 Pads $850 33+1.5 All Black G4 Sr Pads $550 34+1.5 CCM Premier pads wht/red/nvy $700 34+2 Brian's Optik wht weave/ ryl weave / silv weave with white optislide $1300 34+1.5 Vaughn VE8 $1200
  9. Alright I am gonna chime in as I may have been one of the first few people to do it with a cowling less holder on a graf. Speaking with the builder Shaun at Graf. The toe caps haven't been changed in many years, but They are also have very thick toe caps. I have taken some off the toes you know it hit you but doesn't hurt.
  10. Hey I have a new set of size 9 Vertexx Edge Holders. I had them sent to a guy from GGSU (can't remember his name lives in BC) to dye them black. Ended up liking the CCM holders better and switched to that. No steel is included. $115 Cad
  11. If you check in the title I listed the holder size but I will update the post
  12. Hey I have a Slightly Used set of 282 CCM XSG Holders with Step Fat in them (4mm) blade. I used from November till March. I am selling as I switched to a smaller holder on my skate. Looking for $115 CAD shipped in North America
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