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  1. Hey I have a new set of size 9 Vertexx Edge Holders. I had them sent to a guy from GGSU (can't remember his name lives in BC) to dye them black. Ended up liking the CCM holders better and switched to that. No steel is included. $115 Cad
  2. If you check in the title I listed the holder size but I will update the post
  3. Hey I have a Slightly Used set of 282 CCM XSG Holders with Step Fat in them (4mm) blade. I used from November till March. I am selling as I switched to a smaller holder on my skate. Looking for $115 CAD shipped in North America
  4. Hey! So I got several sets for you guys. I have the following Bauer UltraSonic Sets all black they were our demos that barely got used or not used at all. The used ones are "Like New" as we only just got ice back here in August. New sets $2500 CDN + $50 if I have to ship to the US. Free for Canadians Used I will do at $2350 CDN + $50 if I have to ship to the US. Free for Canadians Only attached one picture to show their colour way as they are all the same just different sizes x1 XS Senior Set (Not Used) x1 SM Senior Set (Not Used) x1 MD Senio
  5. Hey Guys! We have a demo set of Warrior G5s that have been used a half a dozen times. No wear or tear. Barely broken in. $2300 CDN +50 CDN to Ship to the US. If you want pictures just shoot me a message!
  6. I have them in stock if you want to shoot me a message
  7. I trimmed mine and he was correct I had no issues. It's looser in there but there isn't tons of extra skin that would make it annoying.
  8. I don't wear a dangler that's why I look for the best neck protection out there.
  9. I got my in summer of last year and it's holding up perfectly fine! So I haven't used a roughneck but I have used 2 Maltese a 2nd gen and his last gen he made. I found personally the Aegis has much better impact absorption properties than the Maltese. I never got hurt in my Maltese collar but I could feel impacts from hard slap shots that would hit me up high. None that cause discomfort or pain just a sensation to let me know where it is. With the Aegis I barely felt as the first shot in a game I took when I first got it hit me in the collar bone! I can't say anything abou
  10. Do you know what the price will be in CAD? I am still using mine FYI
  11. its the vapor strapping system essentially with the option of there professor straps. I will try to post some pics later when I have some time.
  12. The knee block is integrated into the core for a one piece design. I slid around in a set when we had our trade show and I liked them. The new knee block system is very nice. Also like the strapping on them way more!
  13. I had brian's mod that on my Gnetik IV glove to make it feel more like the warrior lol
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