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  1. SaveByRichter35

    R.I.P. Ray Emery

    I think some people need to chill a little. Unless you know someone personally I really don't understand why people get so defensive over the death of someone in which they didn't know.
  2. SaveByRichter35

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    I'm a post tapper myself. I have 6 games with it so far. I haven't noticed any abnormal wear from tapping. I will double check when I get home though.
  3. SaveByRichter35

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    Sunday night I lost my first game since switching to the CR1. It was a good run, 6 games in a row. I still played extremely well in this game but 2 fluky goals and 2 back door goals where my winger failed to get the guy streaking down the back side were the difference in the game. Oh well.
  4. SaveByRichter35

    Brian's Optik C/A

    This might be the first time I have ever heard someone say they would prefer to have Vaughn arms on their c/a lol. Doesn't say much for the Optik arms.
  5. SaveByRichter35

    Monster Hockey Thread

    Awesome! Glad you're enjoying them.
  6. SaveByRichter35

    CCM EF4

    Nice job on those! The Reactor 5 is close but not 100% correct. That inner zone on the thigh rise is really supposed to be on the inner gusset, not the last roll on the face. I think the EF4 definitely looks like it has some good potential. Idk how I feel about the random white lines though. I think they could have done without those.
  7. SaveByRichter35

    Pro’s Choice Thread

    I'm curious how similar the padding is. I'm torn on which padding to get in my Protechsport.
  8. SaveByRichter35

    Pro’s Choice Thread

    Do any of my fellow PC owners also have a Protechsport? @Chenner29 ?
  9. SaveByRichter35

    Protechsport Mask Thread

    Anyways, if we can get back on topic now, do any Protechsport owners also own a Pro's Choice?
  10. SaveByRichter35

    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

  11. SaveByRichter35

    Mask Weight

    Agree, its not very light but I have felt plenty of heavier masks.
  12. SaveByRichter35

    Mask Weight

    He was with the Marlies at the time
  13. SaveByRichter35

    Mask Weight

    Oh yea it actually happen.
  14. SaveByRichter35

    Mask Weight

    I'm pretty sure he is too. But that didn't stop him from trying to sell his used gear on GGSU so he could afford his rent.
  15. SaveByRichter35

    Mask Weight

    Did he try and sell you any of his used gear so he could afford is really expensive apartment in downtown Toronto?