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  1. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    Gotcha. I think I go a little overboard with mine.
  2. Show Off Your Action Photos

    Hahaha nice
  3. Sportmask Thread

    I'm with @TheGoalNet on this one. Regardless if what masks are being asked to compare, if there are better masks as the same price point I would prefer to steer @Tr33guy to the better mask.
  4. Show Off Your Action Photos

    What's the name of the team for the jersey on the left?
  5. Gear Storage - Home Locker

    That's an interesting setup as well. Do you have any kind of air blowing at it or just leave it to air dry?
  6. Prolaces Thread

    While I had some downtime between games I sent my toe bridges to Mike and he ran the laces right through the bridge itself. No attachment parts necessary. Of course, if these break I am screwed. I still have my first set as a backup though.
  7. Prolaces Thread

    That's an interesting set up!
  8. Show Off Your Action Photos

    Love the Potvin paint!
  9. 2018 Brian's Optik

  10. 2018 Brian's Optik

    That’s hysterical
  11. 2018 Brian's Optik

    Ok time for bed now...
  12. Bauer Gear

    That sucks. I've never had a problem with getting in contact with anyone from Vaughn USA or having them get back to me. Granted, I've never asked to demo anything so, probably moot. I didn't even know you could do that to be honest.
  13. Show Off Your Action Photos

    Beautiful dog!
  14. Blocker + Bottle

  15. Glove Comparison Database

    Good to know