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  1. SaveByRichter35

    Broken Collarbone thanks to Brown.

    You’re gonna blame arguably the most protective c/a on the market for your broken clavicle? Sorry not buying it. I feel for your injury, man, that fucking blows. This has to be due to improper sizing or something though. Was this custom sized to your body when you bought it?
  2. SaveByRichter35

    The "Official" Beer League Championship Thread

    After coming up short last season we finally got the monkey off our back last night.
  3. SaveByRichter35


    Coop us
  4. SaveByRichter35


  5. SaveByRichter35


    My most up to date lineup.
  6. SaveByRichter35


    Not a fan of the sours myself. This was funny This was a little more funny. Well played by both of you.
  7. SaveByRichter35


    Gotcha...so like adding oj to a Blue Moon. Sounds good to me.
  8. SaveByRichter35


    What is a rattler? There are a lot of local breweries that make flavored beers. One of the places by my job made a chocolate coconut porter that was good. I just bought a brown sugar cinnamon and vanilla stout the other day that I haven't gotten to yet. I had a tiramisu/coffee ale from a brewery up in The Bronx that was pretty tasty as well.
  9. SaveByRichter35


    i have every intention of getting a few today on my way home from work haha. I don't know anything about this stuff to be honest. My local Bev is constantly posting pictures of all these rare beers that are supposed to be really good. This is just one that I remember hearing about.
  10. SaveByRichter35


    Haha I wasn't pointing my hipster comment towards you. Just poking fun at what the conversation that took place a few months ago when this thread was last active. Julius is really good. I drank that Alter Ego last night, was also delish. My local bev posted that they picked up a small stock of Heady Topper. Its supposed to be one of the best IPAs in the country right now. I'm gonna shoot over there after work and get a can or two. https://vinepair.com/articles/12-things-need-know-heady-topper/
  11. SaveByRichter35

    Live Log for Site Updates

  12. SaveByRichter35

    TGN Spec X GNetik IV

    Gotcha. I only asked because you seemed to really want the nylon to work. I'm sure the elastic will be fine though.
  13. SaveByRichter35

    TGN Spec X GNetik IV

    Anyways, back on topic now...
  14. SaveByRichter35

    NHL Pro Chest Protector Database

    Its old. He sent me the picture back in October. Idk why he never posted to social media until now.
  15. SaveByRichter35

    TGN Spec X GNetik IV

    So one was too tight and one was too loose. Why not slightly tighten it again to see where it gets you?