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How do you hold your stick?

Lucky Pucker

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(Yup, that title has innuendo potential; have at it, if you are so inclined.)

So this might seem like a dumb question, but according to the inter-webs (which has also diagnosed me with mild-to-severe death on multiple occasions), a goalie stick is always to be held with the index finger over the top of the paddle, like this champ here:


I have been doing it wrong this whole time I guess - unless others also grip it with all four fingers wrapped around the shaft? Don't get me wrong - I understand the control benefits of the index over the paddle - but I just naturally always went for the four-finger wrap grip.

Should I be teaching myself to adjust to the index finger method?

Any other advice on how I should grip my shaft while playing with my... team? :rofl:

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I was taught to do it as the picture shows. Technically there's not really a right or wrong way if you can make it work for you but I just imagine really poor puck control and really having to cock the wrist at a weird angle if I was all 4 on the shaft. (Jesus, you really can't talk about this without it sounding ridiculous lol)

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9 minutes ago, seagoal said:

Better, with this stuff, because I have a CR1 and they are way too slippery


Interesting. I use normal hockey grip tape.

I also at one point used to make a "wad" of tape and stick that along the top shoulder where the index finger rests. Just found it was more comfortable. What's funny is that somebody actually came up with a retail product that does the same thing. 

That said, now that I've used a custom grip cut into my paddle I actually get soreness at the base of my thumb if I use a normal stick now. 

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