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What do you do/going to do when you grow up?


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So as most of us come from all over the world, from all age groups etc. it would be fun to see what everyone did for a living!


I'll get started, I'm just finishing school off before I'm ready to start my apprenticeship as a maritime service engineer, specializing in cylinder lubrication devices for 2 stroke marine engines or for power plants etc.

I'm going to be both working in the machine shop in Denmark, as well as traveling abroad to do service/replace equipment on-board vessels etc. 

Looking forward to seeing all the interesting responses!



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I just finished my undegrad in Criminology, and am on the waitlist at a few law schools, and yet to hear from one, for my JD beginning this September.

During school, I've worked at a hockey store for 5 years, goalie coached with my own goalie coach for 4 years (and volunteered for 2 years prior). I'm also currently completing research for the university I just graduated from on how students can succeed throughout their time at university.

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