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Goldie Locks Knee Pads - Reebok + Passau


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I don't know about you guys, but for me about every joint from the waist down is in some level of discomfort. Hockey, and especially goalie takes its toll on our hips, knees, and ankles. I'm always looking for that balance between protection and comfort, especially when it comes to my knees. I've worn about every retail knee pad out there, and I felt like Goldie Locks with every set, too big, too small, too soft, not soft enough. Of course I had modified sets only to still not be happy. When ordering a new batch of sticks from Passau I threw in a set of their knee protectors in my cart. Once I received them I immediately starting taking them apart to get the fit. For those of you who haven't owned a set, their system is pretty modular and incorporates a mix of elastic and Velcro to help you adjust the hard protective layer and the soft landing layer. On the ice, I was disappointed though. Could be any number of reasons (my knee cradle, pants, etc.) but they just kept getting hung up on things and just felt the hard shell was just too big. I resigned myself to go back to my Reebok Pros. The protection on the Reeboks was never in question, never had interference issues, but the padding was just non existent and the next day my knees felt like someone had been beating on them with a sledgehammer. That's when it came to me... Reebok & Passau fusion!!

The first thing to do was remove the "padding" from the Reebok. In the first picture you can see the small flimsy light grey piece of air mesh covered foam in question. When I say flimsy I mean a dish sponge would have been better, no joke. Next I had to remove all the Passau comfort liner (picture 2) , easy enough, it's hook and loop. Now just add in a strip of loop to the Reebok (picture 3) and get the right alignment of the Passau piece inside the Reebok (picture 4.) You'll notice the Passau piece also has a foam extender on the inner portion of the knee. That's such a bonus, the Reebok had nothing and I had been struck there once when making a desperation slide left to right. Hurt like a MF. The last picture shows the finished product. Looks strappy I know, but all are actually used. I just undo the last 2 and slide them on my leg and finish it off with a little sock tape at the bottom Velcro line of the Reebok piece. Been using them for about a year now, and they've been fantastic. The Reebok provided the protection I wanted in a form that wasn't interfering with my pads or pants, and the Passau gave me the sorely lacking cushion. Dare I say it... I'm actually REALLY happy with this setup. 

Knee (01).jpg

Knee (02.2).jpg

Knee (05).jpg

Knee (04).jpg

Knee (03).jpg

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