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Optikpus Brian's set-up story


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Hello all, a lot of people have been asking for the story behind the Optikpus pads. Well here it is...

Back in October I decided to sell my retro Brian's Gnetik2's and luckily sold them right away. So I was looking to get a new set. I wanted to stay with Brians because I was so impressed with the quality. So on November 1st when the Optiks were released my wife and I took the hour drive to The Goalie Crease to see them in person. I was really impressed with them so I decided that was my next pad. But instead of ordering them right away my wife suggested that I try to create a graphic and go full custom with them. I obviously agreed with her and for about a month we played around on the iPad and came up with lots of cool designs. I had 2 options; 1) do a color way like the Bucky retros to match my mask or 2) do a crazy design in any color and get a new mask done to go with that new design. I decided it wasn't worth the extra $$ so I chose a Bucky design. Sent all the artwork and specs to The Goalie Crease and I thought the wait was on. Little did I know but my wife had other plans.

On November 2nd she phoned Rance at the store and put a deposit down on a pre filled slot (Dec 15) that was available. While we were designing together on the iPad she came up with Optikpus. Loved the design with its flashy colors and cool "Out there" look. And with lots of "sneaky" phone calls and emails between my wife and the store the Optikpus set up was well on its way in production while i was still finalizing my Bucky stripe set up lol. With lots of work from my wife and The Goalie Crease they took all my specs that I wanted and transferred it to my wife's design. 

Now my wife knows how crazy I am about everything matching, so she also picked up a pair of pro stock CCM pants, a blacked out CCM stick, a pair of black Reebok socks and a jersey. She also got me a Sportmask X8 and a unlimited gift certificate for a paint job from Erich at Resurrection Custom Painting. 

She surprised me after Christmas presents were done. She had painted a fridge box black and made it look like a locker. Inside was all of the gear. 

The octopus is my wife's favorite creature and she may be a little ? obsessed. I think they look amazing and I love how different they are. I also can't wait to see what Erich comes up with for the mask. 

Overall I'm obviously an extremely happy goalie and a lucky husband.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story fellow tendys.








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