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Bauer NME one vs vtx

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In the market to get a new mask. Previously had the Concept C1 that is now handed down to my younger brother to save my dad some cash. Currently in a fusion 9961. 

I have read the review on the NME ONE from source for sports saying that the chin on the VTX was a trouble spot. kinda veering me away form purchasing the VTX, but I rock a dangler so I don't know if this would be a problem. The C1 chin is still fine besides the scuff marks caused from the dangler(cosmetic). But the way I mounted it the dangler floats in font of the mask.

On the other hand My fusion and my brothers C1 use the now old NME cages, and I have a few spares (both CSA and cheater). I was never a fan of the profiler cages, even on my older itech widow maker. 

Help me choose who have some experience with both mask.

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