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  1. I've been dealing with some pain in my right knee area with my Ritual GTs for the past couple months. At first, it was on the outside part of the knee. Some Googling reveals that area to be the peroneus longus muscle? Removing the heel strap seemed to solve that. Then I was getting pain on the inside part of the leg, just above the knee. Google says that it might be the gracilis muscle. I rested and didn't play for about 3-4 weeks, but just skated on it Saturday. After 3 minutes of warmups, I felt the pain start up again. I finished the game and told the team I was probably done for the rest of playoffs. Since I'm only 28, I stubbornly refused to believe my body was falling apart so quick. I had HALs on my previous pads (Passau) and never any issues like this until I started wearing the Warriors. I figured it must some issue with the pad, not with me (heard that one before?). I had some Pro Laces lying around that I purchased back in March 2017 but never used. Threw them on (using some spare lace rather than the supplied screws - didn't want to tear up the toe of my skate) and skated last night, on Tuesday. No pain whatsoever. It's as if all the discomfort of the last 5 months was a bad dream. TL;DR - Had pain with stock Warrior AR straps. Put on Pro Laces. Pain went away like magic.
  2. Thanks, that's great to know. I bought Monster HALs and Pro Laces at the same time a year ago, but never opened the Pro Laces. I'll throw them on and try them out.
  3. @TheGoalNet Any idea if this will ever come to retail or retail custom? I noticed that the CCM YouthFlex line of pads have a similar HAL/Pro Laces toe setup, instead of regular skate lace like the "regular" lines of CCM youth goalie pads. I thought it was interesting that they had that setup before this agreement came out.
  4. You wear Ritual GT leg pads, right? Were you using the Active Response Straps previously? I too have been dealing with some pain in the knee area, though it is on my right leg. Took off the heel ARS and had some relief, but I am still using the toe strap. Even with the toe strap, I'm still getting some pain. Thinking of switching back to the HALs I had on my previous pad or just getting some Pro Laces instead.
  5. I think the website in the OP isn't good anymore. http://www.protectiveathleticwear.com/ seems to be the current one. She updated the website as recently as 8/27/2018, too.
  6. 'Tis true. They're priced at 39.99 and you can pick and choose. Was last there on Sunday (8/12).
  7. It's working for me as of this post!
  8. How long did it take for Michel to refurb it? I've got my old Theodore-model mask from 2010 that has been sitting around since 2016 that is in need of some TLC...
  9. For sale - a bunch of stuff sitting around that isn't being used. I've posted this on a bunch of Facebook groups, too. All prices in USD! If paying via Paypal - please be advised I'll ask for a teeny bit more than the prices below because of Paypal fees - unless you're ballsy enough to pay via Friends and Family! Happy to provide more pictures on request. Graf Ultra G7500 Pro skates - $90+ship. Size 7.5 Wide (7.5W). Plenty of steel left. No damage to eyelets. Only real indications of wear is to the cowling and to the inside toe areas of both skates, as seen in the pictures. Passau Leg Pads - $375+ship $250+ship 33+1.5 White/purple, with purple leg channel. Stolz graphic, without diamond-stitching. Triangular outer roll. My last name embroidered on the boot. One wide elastic out of knee block. Standard curve. Normal boot. Bindingless tops. Open knee cradle. Open leg channel (Passau calls it open, but it's the tight-fit leg channel) Soft boot, Stiff above the knee, Stiff below the knee, Medium-Soft at the knee. One leather knee strap to below-the-knee position. Two nylon straps across the calf. No boot strap. Includes used HAL toe straps. Ordered these pads in November 2016. Used them for one year until I got my Warrior Ritual GTs in December 2017. A lot of life left in these pads - minor stitching work done to the toe area of each pad - see the picture of the boot with the black thread. Pads have NOT been cleaned up for the pictures that are attached.
  10. Looking forward to your review. GoalieMonkey in Santa Ana doesn't have the Optik C/As in yet and I definitely want to give these a good look.
  11. My Submariner 16610. I've thought about picking up some other watches, but never pulled the trigger because this one ticks all the boxes.
  12. From my research, it looks like Massive Blade is a Korean company and the steel is made there, whereas Tydan is located and made in Canada. I'm wearing a CCM skate, so Tydan was never an option for me. Replacement steel from CCM seems to be about the same price as the Massive Blade, with Step being at a small premium ($10~).
  13. Anyone heard about a manufacturer called "Massive Blade"? GoalieMonkey recently got a bunch of steel in from them (https://www.goaliemonkey.com/accessories/skate-accessories/cowlings-runners.html?manufacturer=65881) Was wondering if anyone had any experience with them and how they compare to Step.
  14. Warrior goalie stick bag. Didn't want the sticks rubbing against the car's upholstery and leaving marks everywhere. Bags are gear, right?
  15. Did you order just custom leg pads? I ordered custom leg pads only on 11/27/2018 or thereabouts, but the Gt, not the G3. I got them in just under 4 weeks on 12/24.
  16. Back in February of 2017, I saw they were selling some blemished HAL toe straps through a post on GGSU. Bought them from the website using the promo code. Got a ship notification that same day. They showed up quickly from what I remember. I never had a problem, presumably because the item was in stock and ready to ship.
  17. Some of you were talking about a Marty Turco videos; I think these are it, in 3 parts.
  18. Haven't worn my Theodore since I got the 961 because it is need of refurbishing. Both times (about six years apart in build date) I sent in head molds to get the most accurate fit I could. If I recall correctly, he only has two 961-style molds, the standard one I have, and the bubble chin. So if your head is too large or too small, he would have to adjust the fit by using less or more foam than he typically would, whereas if you went with a standard shell, he could size you into the most accurate pro's mold he's got and use just enough foam.
  19. Protechsport Theodore on the left, with the triangular vents. Protechsport 961 on the right. Both are full Kevlar.
  20. Hey, these are NOT the pro finish. You can tell by the little indentations that look like holes. And look at the ears, it isn't smooth and flat. The pro finish is much smoother and sexy. Just like a brand new mask is smooth on the exterior, the pro finish is the same, except it is the interior. The Brodeur one I posted on Page 13 is the pro finish. I'll be back with more pics. The triangle vent mask is my Theodore that really needs to be refurbed. Gotta get to the rink right now.
  21. These are my old images from a Brodeur-mold maskthat passed through my hands back in 2014. This had the smooth finish, which looked awesome. Not at home, so I can't take pictures of my Theodore and 961-mold masks that do not have the pro finish.
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