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  1. Do you get a lot of bunching up behind the knee? That's always been my issue with any kind of soft brace or compression sleeves for my knees. I'm really supposed to be wearing a rigid brace on my left knee but can never get one to work, not even in Warrior pads. These are interesting though...might have to give them a try.
  2. Oh I'm sure it's not and actually it first happened by mistake when my wife just grabbed it with my jerseys and socks. I expected it to come out mangled, but it didn't. 4 years later when my mask finally shredded the collar beyond repair and I retired it, I took the foam out and compared it to unused pieces I had and to my surprise it still looked brand new. One side has like a fabric finish which was starting to peel up, but otherwise I couldn't believe how well that stuff held up to 4 years of sweat, pucks, sticks, always shoved in the bottom of my bag and then machine washed and dried every couple of weeks or so.
  3. I always wear a combo and depending on the level I'm playing I may grab a dangler as well. I usually keep one mask with one attached and another without one, but I'm looking into a couple ways to make a quick connect/disconnect for the dangler.
  4. With skates being heat moldable, as long as its not completely worn there shouldn't be a problem buying used high end skates. I've done it and after re-baking or making other heat moldable adjustments, I've gotten skates to fit just fine. Never done it with True, but I would assume if there was a skate that would be a non-issue with, it would be theirs.
  5. When I put Shocktec in my Vaughn combo, I used to throw it in the wash all the time with no problems, even put it in the dryer. Did that for years and it held up just fine. Now that I use a PAW, as long as I put it in front of the fan when I get home and spray it down occasionally with an alcohol/vinegar mixture, it's good to go, no smell or anything.
  6. That's where I went first. I havent messaged Dennis yet, but I know they weren't on the site.
  7. I'm trying to find Red straps for my VX-5. Happen to see those anywhere when picking up the Black?
  8. I've had 2 fusion and 2 Bauer 961's. Couldn't tell a difference between the two and from what I understand they use same mold, materials, etc... They are legit pro masks. As far as NHL quality...no idea what that means, nor do I think that matters. The NME10 was being worn in the NHL for a while. I had one of those and the chin cracked from a mid-level beer league wrist shot and not just the gel coat...all the way through. The Fusion masks are a great value if you like 961 style masks. Might I also suggest OTNY as long as your in that price range. Better quality, service and custom fitting.
  9. jayluv54

    Why Goalie?

    I don't have a special story, I just was always a gear head since childhood. Everything I was into..goalie, playing the drums, racing dirt bikes...the more gear involved, the more I obsessed over it. Looking back 30 years at my 8 year old self, those were the posters you'd see on my walls... and its actually kind of cool that after all this time the same things dominate my life and now my bank account.
  10. Usually the markup is decided by the manufacturer...MAP pricing
  11. GM has their GT demo sets on clearance right now...pretty good deal.
  12. my feet are actually pretty flat. I have the worst combination...wide, flat feet, with a very high instep. When it comes to anything with a boot like a ski boot or skate boot, volume is from the heel to the navicular bone because some boots will have a deeper heel pocket that affects the fit in this area and the overall volume of the skate. So if a skate is wide, it doesn't necessarily mean that it has volume, if it has a shallow heel pocket, it will be low volume for anyone with a high instep.
  13. I tried the 1X and 1S and I have very wide feet with a very high instep. The 1X is a wider skate overall, but instep volume is lower than the 1S. When I tried on the Vapor's, the top of my foot would protrude out the top of the skate. That didn't happen in the 1S, but the 1S was much more narrow overall. So I bought the 1S, heated them up, stretched the boot a couple turns then baked them like normal and they were perfect. The vapors were always narrow, low volume skates in Bauer's player line. I wear Supreme EE's punched out or Nexus EE's in player skates.
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