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  1. jayluv54

    Mask Weight

    Thats the adhesive I use as well. The blue shocktec stays pretty clean
  2. jayluv54

    Chest Protector Weight Database

    Since I had the scale out today, I figured I'd post the weight of my other chesty. Vaughn V5 7800 Pro Stock Medium 6.22 lbs
  3. jayluv54

    Mask Weight

    Pros Choice/Vaughn VM Pro size Medium. 3.22lbs I'll get a pic of my recently refurbed Sportmask X8 with Shocktec later on tonight.
  4. jayluv54

    Mask Shell - Trimming

    Same here, but I had heard they can only be sold in the U.S. and only one retailer has them that I know of. It doesn't look like PC is actively selling them at this time either, so not a lot of exposure it seems. I have no complaints though. Been wearing it for the last 2 months 2-3 times per week and it was still looking brand new until Saturday night when I took a rocket from the top of the circle. Chipped some paint where the very top of the cage made contact with the shell, but otherwise no issues. Either this mask is a puck magnet or I'm just not ducking out of the way, but I can't remember ever being hit in the head as frequently as I have the last couple of months...lol.
  5. jayluv54

    Mask Shell - Trimming

    Got what I paid for it, so pretty happy in that regard. I've also grown to really like my offshore Pros Choice/Vaughn mask, so that made parting with it pretty easy..lol
  6. jayluv54

    Chest Proctector Buying Decision

    I don't tuck my Passau and have no issues because it hugs your body so it stays put. Actually I recommend not tucking it because it can get pretty hot and un-tucking allows for some better ventilation. I wasn't sure if I would like it either so I bought a used one and dollar for dollar its probably the best gear purchase I've ever made in terms of value.
  7. jayluv54

    Mask Shell - Trimming

    No I ended up selling the mask.
  8. jayluv54

    Vaughn VE8 Pads, Blocker and CCM P2 580 glove.

    I had the same problem on V-Elites that I demo'd, the strap was just way too short for my calves and caused rotation issues, especially with the damn nash leg channel. If it was full nylon I might have been able to make it work. Otherwise, I loved those pads. The flex at the boot made it so much easier to get a good push than my Warrior GT's and they slid better than the GT's too. Surprised the hell out of me.
  9. Selling my GT Pro set. Size 33+1.5. Very little wear on this set other than some stick rub on the index finger padding of the blocker. Comes with all straps and spare set of toes. All velcro and buckles in great shape. Glove has skate lace pocket. Large palm in blocker, but easily replaceable. $850 USD + shipping.
  10. jayluv54

    Companies to Avoid

    I prefer a good marble rye
  11. jayluv54

    Beginner 48yrs old protection is important

    Nme 8 is decent, but depending on the cost, you might be able to do better. Try on as many as you can, fit is most important. Non cert cat eye is fine, just know that a stick can fit thru, so if true protection is your goal, you may want a certified cage.
  12. jayluv54

    Companies to Avoid

    The word is that he can do some decent repair work, but a shady businessman for sure.
  13. jayluv54

    Beginner 48yrs old protection is important

    A lot of factors can go into this. Whats your budget? How big are you? How often do you plan on playing? Protection wise, definitely don't skimp on the mask, cup or chesty. I'd say go with a glove with a pro palm as well because no matter the level, there is always a guy that can rip it...this guy is also why you need a good mask...lol. I ask about size and frequency because at 215lbs, I can't use Sr. level gear when playing 2-3 times per week. The core of the pad just breaks down too quickly. This is becoming more of a problem as pads keep getting thinner and lighter. Granted, that is more of a performance issue and not so much protection, but just throwing that out there.
  14. jayluv54

    Companies to Avoid

    I know I've posted about this before, but BAHR sold me a pro return P1 chesty in "good condition" last year. When I got it, the nylon webbing adjustment straps all started ripping apart right in my hand like cotton candy while I was trying to adjust the shoulder floaters. Essan didn't want to take it back or give me a full refund because he said "it's used, what do you expect?" Then proceeded to tell me it was my fault and I pulled too hard on the straps...wtf, I'm not the damn Hulk. Anyway, first and last time I'll deal with that nonsense. Good thing I bought it on Ebay and the fine folks over there agreed with my complaint and made him refund my money plus shipping AND cover the return cost.
  15. jayluv54

    Attack of the Clones

    Metallica hacked most of the riffs from some of their biggest hits from other small bands they saw while on tour. Kirk would basically tweak it to make it his own...some call it cloning, some call it inspiration. No different than a paint job on a mask. You have to trademark it to keep it from being copied, if you don't then you leave it open to be hacked.