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  1. jayluv54

    Issue with pads- mold growing on them

    After every use, I lay my gear out and fan dry. Then I spray it down with an alcohol/vinegar mixture, let it sit for a few minutes, then fan dry again. Take the time to keep your gear clean and dry, it will last longer, smell better and avoid any health risks, even if it says its anti-microbial. Wore a pair of anti-microbial under armor one time after a 2 month break, thought they were cleaned after the last use. The ensuing rash led me to believe otherwise.
  2. jayluv54

    Playing badly, getting frustrated. Any tips?

    Struggling can make us hate the game, its why I don't play golf anymore because I know 20min into it I'm going to be throwing clubs despite how much I love being on a golf course. Like the others have said, pickup is probably the worst way to gauge your performance and can be very frustrating and humiliating for someone who takes their play as serious as you seem to. Take a break or just skate out for a while for a change of pace. Or work with a goalie coach and try and build some confidence.
  3. jayluv54

    Prolaces Thread

    Monster is a joke at this point, Prolaces are better quality but if you want something similar to Hals, FixMyGear has them for about half the price and no delivery issues. I bought my own cord on Amazon because I wanted something with more stretch and use a termination so they never pull through.
  4. jayluv54

    Sportmask Thread

    As good protection as you'll probably ever need. Fit is the same as the X8 and that is going to be wider in the temple and cheek areas. Light.
  5. jayluv54

    Kenesky Chest hitting the Show

    If I could just bring myself to mix and match I'd have a Warrior Catcher, Bauer Blocker, Vaughn or CCM pads...but I just can't do it.
  6. jayluv54

    Kenesky Chest hitting the Show

    Agreed, Warrior figured out where the money is in goalie equipment sales and it has nothing to do with the NHL. They took over the lacrosse market the same way years ago and I think eventually you'll see them in the NHL as younger generations who grow up wearing Warrior gear move into the pro ranks. My understanding was that sticks are all that's currently licensed.
  7. jayluv54

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    One company bought out all the rinks in Raleigh, next thing I know they want $20 per goalie for Stick & Puck, Pick-Up games, skills clinics, etc...OK, have fun shooting at posts then.
  8. jayluv54

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    Don't forget to have 3 kids
  9. jayluv54

    2018/2019 Beer League Discussion

    Starting to see that trend down here now...they want goalies to pay for everything. Big change over the last few years from what it used to be. So, I'm looking at becoming a full-time sub because there's usually plenty of free fill in opportunities and I don't have to commit to a season.
  10. jayluv54

    Dominik Hrachovina's strange Bauer pads

    Pads look like 1s to me with maybe some custom strapping and the blocker is a 1x...I don't really see the confusion. The glove is obviously not a Bauer and looks like a 5500 clone with a Bauer logo stuck on it.
  11. jayluv54

    Vaughn VF 7 Pro Carbon C/A

    really depends on what kind of shots you'll see. IMO having used the V6, you won't get hurt in it, but coming from a Brown, you may not appreciate what you feel in it.
  12. Both the NBA and NFL have altered their rules a lot over the last 10-20 years to make their sports more fast paced and high scoring. They didn't make the hoop bigger, just made it harder to defend it.
  13. The initial response to the movement to increase scoring in the NHL was to increase the size of the nets. Instead, they decided they would try shrinking the goalies first. I for one and maybe I'm a little biased here, think that great goal tending is as or more exciting to watch then a high scoring game. The games I can't stand to watch are the ones where most of the play is back and forth in the neutral zone or every other shot gets blocked. My preference if something had to be done would be to eliminate off sides. Unrestricted entrance into the zone but the lines still exists to keep possession in the zone. Or do something else like not capping the man advantage at 2 or making majors an automatic 5 on 3. Nothing too gimmicky, but a way to open the ice up a bit offensively.
  14. They're trying to doing everything they can to avoid making the nets bigger
  15. 7 foot goalies might not be the standard anymore either.