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  1. jayluv54

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Surprised you didn't like the SLR's. A lot of people kind of on the fence about a stiff pad vs. a mobile pad seem to really like them. The strapping is also the only one I've tried that allows the pad to stay connected to the leg but still rotate without a problem. I have the same strapping on my PVE's and it's one of my favorite features on the pad.
  2. jayluv54

    Vaughn PVE Pro Carbon Set: First Impressions

    I have a pro return PVE set with XF gloves and absolutely love the way they feel and perform. They have an SLR core, but I can't really tell the difference compared to a stock set I demo'd. I love how mobile I am in Vaughn pads. I also think they are a bit underrated these days as compared to more"modern" pads that I own(G4 Pros, 2X pro return, Varlamov EF3 pro return) they slide incredibly well. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by these.
  3. jayluv54

    Too much padding in goalie mask?

    Mask fit relies on more than circumference. Trust me, I have wanted a 961 to fit me right so badly that I've purchased and later sold 5 of them just hoping I would get one that would work. They fit my head fine circumference wise, but the shell shape just does not work for my head, not matter how many foam shims or different thicknesses I've tried. I found that Protechsport was a great option for me as its fully custom and that the Sportmask VX-5 and PC/Vaughn VM Pro also fit me pretty well. Masks are kind of like skates in that regard, the fit is adjustable and customizeable to a degree, but sometimes it's just the wrong fit for you.
  4. jayluv54

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Apparently not, since you got blocked. Your entitlement lies in you coming on here and whining about it. Your upset that someone didn't want your opinion/comments on their page...nothing more, nothing less. You feel deserving of the right to put your comments on that person's page...that sir is the very definition of entitlement. You'll probably have better luck calling Bernie Sanders then looking for support on this forum.
  5. jayluv54

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Really? So you feel like because its social media that you should have the right to criticize and they should have to listen to you? Whats your angle? You either don't like this person or don't like the product. But for some reason you feel entitled to call them out and even more so, slighted that they chose not to entertain it. What I want to know is why you feel that you should have a voice on GoalieGearNerds Instagram page? Even if its public, they have control because it's their content. Too bad.
  6. jayluv54

    Protechsport Mask Thread

    I went full glass and haven't regretted it. It's a solid mask. I do get slightly more ringing than in my PC, but otherwise they're pretty equal.
  7. jayluv54

    moving from warrior g4 pads toooo???? help

    The GT's are pretty stiff as well. I found that between the G3's and the GT's, the GT's had more torsional flex (twisting), but the G3's were actually more flexible at the boot and thigh. I find with the G4's that they have stiffened up the thigh rise a bit to where they are more like the GT. Very curious to see what kind of changes they make to the GT2's. I keep hoping for a truly flexible option from Warrior, especially at the boot area, which is my biggest problem area with stiff pads.
  8. jayluv54

    Goalie Gear Nerd's Instagram Warrior G4 Review

    Every G4 review I've seen on the internet has been positive...so whats your point? I have G4's, guess what, I don't have anything negative to say about them either. I'm not a Warrior fan boy, I own 4 sets of gear from 5 different company's (Eflex 3's with Factory Mad gloves) and like them all. I have certain preferences and things I like about each set, but that doesn't mean that there are negatives, they are just personal preferences. You weren't ousted for not being wrong, you were ousted for not bringing anything to the table except provocation and hostility simply because you didn't get the response you were looking for. Sounds more like you are the one with the biased views.
  9. jayluv54

    moving from warrior g4 pads toooo???? help

    I own a set of G4's and a set of Vaughn V-Elite Pro Carbons. If you want a soft, flexible pad that still slides really well, the V-Elite is it. I haven't tried the VE8's yet, but I understand they have a stiffer boot and overall stiffer feel than the V-Elites. I also recommend you go with the Pro Carbon and not the "Pro". The rigidity of the Pro Carbon is what helps them slide so well. I've had the SLR's in the "Pro" version and I thought they performed like crap to be totally honest. They also aren't that heavy, 33+2 comes in at around 5.3lbs. Not bad and the way they move with your leg you really don't feel the weight at all. I've always had a set of stiff pads and soft pads because some days I don't feel like fighting a stiff pad and other days I want the lighter, crisper feel. So, out of everything out there that I've used, I've found these 2 were the best for me. If you like Brian's, I've heard that the Optik FLX are very soft. Have yet to try them for myself though.
  10. jayluv54

    One100 cowling issue

    I would still go back to the retailer with it. You never know. If they still had a pair laying around that was defective, I'm sure Bauer would still honor that, so I don't see why they couldn't help you out with a swap of some kind.
  11. jayluv54

    Ritual G4 Set and Chest

    Did you buy through a retailer?
  12. Thats all I do. It takes a little wiggling to get it started but most will fit just fine. I have one on my Protechsport and am working on figuring out how to get one on my PC. The PC uses a wider, elastic type strap on the chin cup.
  13. Can do, on my Protechsport. I have to take more pics...lol, still owe the 2X set too
  14. jayluv54

    Vaughn Split Outer Roll + PVE Graphic

    Thats the one. Glove and Blocker are actually XF's