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  1. jayluv54

    ProLaces/Monster HAL Strap

    I've never used Monster, so I can't say anything about them either way, but I have had good experiences with FIX MY GEAR. Offers some similar products/services as monster for less $. I picked up a pair of their shock toe pro on amazon for like $15. They work fine and I was able to swap out the shock cord for something thinner, I prefer 1/8". I'm thinking of trying their knee guards and they have a Brian's-like smart toe strap I might try as well.
  2. jayluv54

    CCM Premier 2

    I hear ya, I always demo first
  3. jayluv54

    CCM Premier 2

    I did just notice that Pure Goalie has the PII's available for pre-order in a 33+2...I'm seriously thinking about a more flexible pad going forward, but those things are really tempting
  4. jayluv54

    CCM Premier 2

    Supposedly they fixed the fit issue with the PII's. There was an obvious size discrepancy between the Eflex's and the Premiers when the PI's came out, my understanding is the PII's now fit exactly the same as the Eflex's. I have always worn 33+2 in Reebok/CCM, that's what my XLT's are and my P4's and Revokes before them.
  5. jayluv54

    CCM Premier 2

    Disappointed to see that nobody will be stocking any 33+2's. If I can't find any pro returns, I might actually have to go custom...I'm too cheap for that. GM said maybe in the fall if there is enough demand, but that they are ordering less and less +2's every year.
  6. For sale: brand new Brown 2400 knee guards with added knee lifts - Senior. Tried on but didn't like. Never used for play yet. Cost $150, but looking to sell for $120 USD including shipping.
  7. jayluv54

    Goalie Skate comparison question.

    FYI...Reactor 9000's are on clearance at Pure Hockey. Under $200 with the coupon code...that's a steal! Just picked myself up a pair
  8. jayluv54

    eBay Users to Avoid

    I had posted warnings about BAHR in a separate thread last year...another one to watch out for that sells on Ebay. Now I've heard mixed reviews on these guys but my own personal experience wasn't a good one, so beware. Had to get Ebay involved to get a refund on a not so "very good" condition pro return P1 chesty.
  9. jayluv54

    Endurance Training

    I try to do this once a month or so, it will definitely change your life...lol. I know some powerlifters that do it 2 and 3 times per week...nucking futs, then again they're not what I would call "natural". I'm getting good results with barbell complexes though, a "ladder" complex closely resembles the 20 rep squat feeling at its peak, which lasts about 10 minutes...brutal.
  10. jayluv54

    Goalie Skate comparison question.

    I'm thinking Reactors would be a good upgrade for you. Boot seems similar and the Vertexx cowling should be an easy adjustment for you.
  11. jayluv54

    eBay Users to Avoid

    I am a long time and avid ebay user and that sort of thing does happen from time to time. Just make sure you get your money back, which Ebay is great about and file a complaint. Ebay is a little reluctant to boot crappy sellers these days, but if enough complaints roll in, they will for sure. Also, it helps to look up a seller before bidding or making an offer, this will give you a good indication of who your dealing with. I typically am very hesitant to buy from anyone that has little to no history or obvious bad history. Not that I'm afraid of getting scammed, like I said, Ebay protection is great, I just don't want the hassle. As a seller, I get some shitty buyers too, that like to bid on stuff then find a better deal elsewhere or change their mind. You waste an entire week waiting for the auction to end thinking your stuff is sold and then the buyer asks to cancel or just never pays and you have to start all over again.
  12. jayluv54

    Gel Padding Inside Mask

    Its likely not the padding but the fact that its much more closely fitted to your head that causes that suction feeling. There's less air gaps, so your literally just sticking to the foam through compression and moisture.
  13. jayluv54

    Thomas Greiss Chin Cup

    so we're playing guess the cup size now? I'd say they're both wearing a D-cup
  14. jayluv54

    Help me pick my new gear

    32 sounds about right. Like you, I don't have the luxury of trying on everything and getting the perfect size and pad for me. There is a lot of guess work involved, but the more reviews you can read and research you can do will make it easier. I would recommend trying to buy used so you won't lose much, if anything at all, if it doesn't turn out quite right. A few months ago, I purchased a gently used set of Reebok XLT's with gloves for $600 on Ebay. I got the pads in a 33+2 which was a perfect fit in the Reebok 18k's I used to have, but on this particular set, it is a touch too big at the knee for some reason. If I decide to sell them, I can probably get what I paid or very close to it.
  15. jayluv54

    Help me pick my new gear

    I had Reactor 9000's. The most similar feel will be the Vaughn XF series followed by the Eflex II's when considering whats available right now. the Vaughn's seem to be readily available in 32+2 and the non-carbon pro versions (senior) can be had at a decent price. I agree with Coop though, check out as much as you can before limiting yourself to one type of pad.