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The Deals and Steals Thread


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1 hour ago, ZeroGravitas said:


Bauer goalie Vapor and GSX line-upson sale at Pure and Monkey. Sizing and colors are pretty limited. Pure seems to have more availability.

No coupon codes needed. Good hunting.

Awesome thank you! Wonder if there is a difference between the 3x and x5 besides graphic 

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Posted (edited)

Overseas True 12.2 goalie gear has been marked down at PureGoalie. Colors and sizes are limited. No coupon code needed.

Leg pads down from $1,799 USD to $1,440 USD.

Catchers down from $599 USD to $480 USD.

Blockers down from $499 USD to $440 USD.

Also marked down at MonkeySports, but they are even more limited in regards to size and colors.

Monkey leg pads

Monkey catcher

Monkey blocker

And at TheHockeyShop

Catcher down from $679 CAD to $544 CAD.

Blocker down from $550 CAD to $440 CAD.

The Goalie Crease has only a couple items in stock, but they have a white 12.2 catcher/blocker combo at $850 CAD, saving you $130 CAD over buying them separate at THS.

TGC also has one set of 35+2 all black 12.2 leg pads at $1,599 CAD.

EDIT: Clarification and added MonkeySports and HockeyShop and TGC links.

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