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2016-2017 NHL Gear Sightings


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Please post pics of your favorite goalies 2017 set ups and any interesting facts about their specs. If you steal a pic from IG, please share the source or keep their handle name on the original image 


kickin'er off with Mason's 2017 Stadium Series gear 


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8 hours ago, Hills said:

What happened to him this year...

Also as a side note, Warrior showed off prototypes of their Ritual GT Pro pads... in my teams colours :x


I love this about Warrior. They show a lot of the concepts. They did this with Gretzkys gloves for the winter classic 

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I recommend that if you have a pro or even a junior team in your town or is a fan of a particular team be the ambassador and post the goalie pics and keep us up to date of any gear changes.

I forgot to mention, above, Anderson is wearing his Sens logo and Corvette mask and not his Damian Rhodes tribute mask. He may be only using the Rhodes mask for Thursday night games where it is throwback Thursdays at the CTC. The Sens wear their retro jersey at home on Thursday nights.

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8 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:

Haven't you tried to make your own yet?

Probably will. But compared to how cheap it is for a manufacturer to make them, I am not going to try it, yet. At this point, I theoretically have more money than time at this point.  

I have reverse-engineered it. You press a lot of veneers together. The future of wood has been in sticks for a very long time. Solid wood has not been used in sticks since the '60s. Of course the equipment got better. 

I have a funny feeling that maybe more engineering is in store for composite sticks. My biggest beef? Foam core wood and foam core composite have the same achiles heel- the broken down core of the blade and paddle. I like the fact that a wood stick is either intact or not. A foam core can be broken down and spongy but look serviceable.

For a pro, this is no big deal, they are supplied with as many as they need. For us- it costs money. 

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On 3/3/2017 at 5:21 PM, SaveByRichter35 said:

I mean how on facebook there is an actual setting that doesn't play videos on your feed automatically.  You have to actually press play on them.  Just saves data for when I am not connected to wifi.

Oh, sorry 

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