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L vs Xl


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49 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:


That should help you out a bit.

Agreed, there will be a little difference between the goalie it fits.

If you think you're between sizes, do you like long arms or short?

Do you tuck or not tuck?

The chest pad has velco our bottom belly blocks and the arms are very adjustable with the pull string. If you are between sizes, I would guess go up and potentially use the customization aspects.

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15 hours ago, Marty said:

Ok thanks guys I was curious if the shoulder size is different between the L and Xl. If I would look smaller in the L?

If yes, it would be pretty minimal.

What chesty are you using now? There's a good chance you will look smaller in the 2X Pro regardless

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Bringing this one back to ask the following:

Looking at a whatever brand/model chest pad off the rack, given that the arms for most can be quite adjustable, what really differentiates a Large from an XL? Is it the shoulder width? Is it the length of the torso? How much extra (1cm...1inch)? 

Keeping away from custom, and away from sewn in arms like Brown's and the general charts based on your overall height, AND if you couldn't try it on for sizing?

*Just as a side note; I don't think tucked or untucked matter cause the too big or small a fit might not be better in length I feel. 

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