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Mask Artists (Paint/Airbrush)


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Looks like a lot of you are going the route of vinyl these days for mask art. I'd love to get a real paint job at some point (hopefully soon), but I don't really know where to begin. For those that still get airbrushed mask art, I was hoping that group could help come up with a list of artists that could be good options at different price points. I realize in category #1 there could be some of the household names (Eye Candy, Bishop, etc.), but I'm sure a lot of those guys/girls  (i.e. DaveArt) won't touch beer leaguer lids due to high volumes and marketing reasons.

I was thinking we could break it down like this so you don't have to call out specific pricing if that's a sensitivity. Could just be:

Name of artist, website or IG handle, category (#1, #2, #3). Plus any anecdotal info you might have - ESPECIALLY PICS IF YOUR MASK WAS PAINTED BY SAID PERSON. Maybe this exists but thought it could be cool to have anecdotal info in one place on mask paint.


#1. $1,000+ (USD)

#2. $500-$999

#3. < $500 (USD) >> Probably slim pickings but maybe there's a diamond in the rough out there...

***Feel free to nominate yourself but a quick disclosure would be good for everyone's reference!!***

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I've had a few.  

Category 2:  Byronic Arts.  I've had two done and they're terrific.  Great conceptualization and execution. Figure around $850 (between $800 and $900).  Absolutely beautiful works of art, and fast turnaround.

Pedro Velasquez:  in the $500-600 range.  I came up with a basic design and he added some terrific design elements.  High quality work, I caught him at a busy time so he was a little slower, but I was in no rush so it didn't matter.  I'd go with him again in a heartbeat.  (He's on both IG and the Facebook).  

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Great idea for a thread. 

i used Headstrong Grafx, artist Jason Livery. Great experience working with him going through the whole process.

He would be fit into multiple categories depending on complexity.  He is transparent about cost categories on his site and my mask was at the time his top tier Elite level, about $1400 USD.

www.headstronggrafx.com      IG: headstronggrafx

Full details of my mask on this thread







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I had a mask painted last year by Masked Expressions, cost around $400-500 for a basic design. More complex would cost more of course. He's a pretty good artist, but I had some problems with the paint chipping on the forehead when I get hit there. Not sure, but maybe it was because I had a matte finish instead of gloss. Or maybe because my mask is ABS instead of regular composite. Whatever, I put some clear nail polish on the chips and it's all good. Might need to send it for a touchup eventually tho.


My second pick would have been Detroit Air, also around the same price range:


The mask when it was fresh and new...


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Artist: Morgan Schinnour, of Schinny Designs

Website: http://www.schinnydesigns.com/home.html
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/schinny_designs/?hl=en

Category: 2

Morgan works out of Lethbridge (southern Alberta), and painted my mask in April of 2019, and it's held up extremely well so far. She was very transparent about her schedule, and updated me with pics of my mask while she was working on it several times. Communication was great, and my overall experience with her was excellent.

There are several minor league goalies in Canada wearing her work; she's certified to paint Bauer, CCM, Coveted, OTNY, and Protechsport masks.

Mask (1).JPG

Mask (4).JPG

Mask (6).JPG

Mask (8).JPG

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