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Brian's Focus 34+1.5" Set **SOLD**


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Finally selling my Brian's Focus set that I custom ordered in 2011. They are the best pads I have ever owned, but now I need to make room for my OPTIKS!

Colours: White w/Bucky accents

Reserve them for the beginning of/mid January!

$500 CAD OBO (+ shipping)


The pads: ATK = 17.5, Thigh = 12


One of my requests for the pad when ordering it was that I wanted the equivalent of a 34+1" pad, but with 1" taken off the boot, and added to the thigh rise. So I guess it came out to a 34+1.5" pad with a shortened boot? (pad is 35.5" total length) Anyways, some key features:

  • I had them tweak the Focus graphic ever so slightly, as you can see in the photos. White with Bucky leather accents
  • thigh buckle moved higher on outside of pad, lower on inside thigh (to help seal ice in the 5 hole, which is awesome, btw)
  • inset toe ties (no bridge)
  • strapping is as follows: 1 thigh, one knee, two calf, two boot
  • double external breaks

The pads flex really nice, but to warn you, the boot is fairly stiff.






The catcher: The catcher I would compare to a 580 break (for all you Koho/Reebok/CCM guys). I liked it, but I found I wasn't able to catch anything in the fingers up position with it. When held in the right position, though, it catches so well. And I'm not going to lie, the glove is massive. It has a pancake shape, and whoever was the previous glove designer at Brian's had gigantic hands, so I had to cinch these down pretty tight. Some key features of the glove:

  • Not a true one piece cuff, so still a little flexible. Still sturdy enough to over flex
  • reinforced "T"
  • same graphic tweak as the pads
  • Zero G hand strapping. The Focus glove only came with one Velcro strap on the palm, so I requested two

Overall, it's a great sealing glove, and has a good feel for catching pucks, very snappy.






The blocker: The blocker has a removable foam pad on the wrist, which is VERY comfortable, and it's washable, too. The key features:

  • I found the finger protection to be too bulky, so I had them remove it. I haven't had any injuries from it, but that's not to say it can't happen
  • same tweaked graphic as mentioned above
  • the palm is very big, I think because of the glove designer I mentioned earlier





Overall, there's minimum wear on this set, considering I played 6 seasons, around 36 games per season in them. They are solidly built equipment, and will be ready to ship once I get my OPTIKs (beginning of January?)

Any questions, inquiries, feel free to PM me.

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