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This is another thing we have been missing... 

Bauer P31 = True TC = CCM Luongo 

Bauer P30 = True PC2 = CCM Price

Bauer P34 = True MC = CCM Holby 

Bauer changed their sizing for 1S. Bauer used to run tall.

27.5 NXG = 26" 1S

26" 1S = 26" True 

Please help out with anything more from Warrior, Sher-wood, etc 

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1 hour ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

My custom order Passau sticks have a 30" shaft with a 27" paddle and they are just about identical in size to my Warrior Swagger Pro sticks which are 26" so...

27" Passau = 26" Warrior

That's definitely good to know. I was planning on getting some custom Passau sticks this spring.

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4 minutes ago, IPv6Freely said:

That's definitely good to know. I was planning on getting some custom Passau sticks this spring.

They're tanks man.  I bought a 3 pack back in 2012 and I still have 2 left.  One is just waiting to explode, the other is still in great shape.  I have barely used the good one, the shitty one is my warm up stick.  I've been using the Warriors for about a year now.  They're a little heavier than the Warriors but they are definitely built to last.

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I think I've lost 6 sticks over the course of this year. My Bauer Vapor shaft exploded taking a slapshot, as though a bolt of lighting was cast down on it. 

Had a sherwood GS350 that I really loved as well, that snapped in half from a dude crashing the net. 

Hopefully going to be trying out the Infinity ExoSphere to see if it holds up longer than 2 months. 

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11 minutes ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

This is why I prefer foam core.  Pay half the price and lasts twice as long.

And feel better on top of all of that. I'm not a big fan of my hand vibrating and having no idea where the puck went...

I do have a Passau stick I bought on here that I'm really liking. It has a funny grip though that I still can't decide if I like or not. I just bought a Sher-wood GS350 as well. But I still love the Warriors. 

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4 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:


I've had my pair of Warrior Swaggers for 1.5 years. Still haven't touched the backup yet.

Yep.  I bought my Warriors about a year ago, maybe a little more.  Still on the first one.  As soon as my beat up Passau warm up stick takes a shit on me I will break out a new Warrior and move my current stick to warm ups.

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12 minutes ago, TheGoalNet said:

It sounds like Passau is the only company left without a uniform a paddle height with the industry. Great info! 

Anyone on if a P41 Sher-Wood is close to a P31 Bauer?

Really, what we should be doing is not just a comparison between brands but also what they are as a standard physical measurement. 


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The Sher Wood P41 (was the Thibalt model - thus No. 41) is similar to the P31 Bauer. P31 was used by Bauer as it was the Curtis Joseph model curve who was a big Bauer goalie at the time. The P30 and P41 are rounder in the heel. Some would say this is a big curve stick.

Sher-Wood P30 (Brodeur Model) varies. The all wood version 530s were more curved. The foam core versions were closer to what Marty used which was really flat and had a very sharp heel. They still sell this as just a P30. Flat curve stick.

Sher-Wood now sells the 9950 "Hall of Fame" model that is a recreation of the legendary 9950 in the past. P41 still - called the Anderson model - with a toe curve. It's again a Canadian made stick just like the former 9950s before they bastardized them with the Chinese versions that were junk.

They also now use a P33 - which is a middle of the bunch curve. Think it actually has a twist.

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