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Demo Program GPS clavpad

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I would like to take an opportunity to put word out of a little known fact about us -

We have an open demo program for our GPS units.  Other gear will follow as it hits production.

  • currently finalizing our KTPs (knee pads)
  • also some other fun stuff...can't tell you yet.

Some other neat factoids about us and our gear:

  • we are the largest, independent manufacturer with presence in the NHL, AHL, and NCAA.
  • we do not pay any of our athletes to wear our offerings.
  • all athletes that rock our product also pay to wear it (just like me, and hopefully you!).
  • 5+ year warranty on internals
  • 5+ year warranty on item failure
  • our proprietary gel padding showed zero breakdown in lab testing from elemental exposure (including salt water)
  • Product pics and further detail available at www.MalteseSports.com

Going back to the demo process - it's pretty simple, we will need:

  • your neck measurement and desired collar height
  • a security deposit in case of loss or damage
  • you to cover shipping both ways (USPS is typically best for this, the flat rate Priority Mail box is a bit under $15 with 2-3 day transit time)

Drop me a line if interested.

Canadian customers - please notate as such and I will put you in touch with the Canadian rep.

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6 hours ago, loki1416 said:

Can you put up a link to your website so people can check you out? Some pics of what you want people to demo would be great as well. People need more information instead of "send money". Not trying to be negative.

Thanks, edited.

It was a long night...

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