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Taylor Hawkins, drummer for Foo Fighters, passes away at 50


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This one hits a little hard. My wife and I have seen them live 3 times, even travelling to Anaheim to see them. But they are also my 2 goalie girls favorite band. With COVID and all the shit that they have missed in their lives the last 2 years, we splurged and got tickets for their tour this year. This was going to be both of their first concert. After we told them we got tickets, my older girl only brought Foo Fighters CD's for her tournament road trip for all the hours of driving.

We listen to Everlong all the time, one of our favorite pump up songs on the way to games.

I'm not sure if Foo will keep going, I have a Led Zeppelin/John Bonham feeling this will be hard to recover from.

RIP Taylor. You've given us lots of good memories.

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I'd imagine that they would take time off and have a tribute concert with many famous drummers all filling in for a song or two. 

Sad loss for sure.

They write great songs. I'm sure they will write a killer song in memory of him that will become a staple for years to come for all tribute songs.

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