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Warrior Ritual X4 PRO+


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Not much reason to change. I wear both in the previous generation and they are tanks in protection, amazing amount of coverage, but still are highly mobile. Combined with the Pro + knee pads that tie in perfectly to the pants, an unbeatable combination.......never even had one stinger playing against pretty high level shots...........

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Is there something extra or added to the bicep area? Looks like it is block by block design but was it already in X3? Atleast X3 had that extra flap going from wrist to bicep adding some extra to elbow too.

GT2/G5 in comparison is/was with one piece bicep protection.

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I went and picked up the non pro+ ca today so I could fit better (or at all) in all my jerseys.  This is pretty much the same as the RX3 I think, at least it's not grey and wont get nasty looking in 3 months. Size aside it feels just as protective as my RX3Pro+ which they advertise to be the case. 

I held the RF2 pro helmet which seemed the same to me.  The shell might have different materials but the foams inside didn't seem noticeably different. 



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1 hour ago, johncho said:

I asked a Warrior rep and he said that the protection level is the same except for an internal bar on the Pro+ which adds stability and protection.

From what I can see in their story is that the Pro+ has a horizontal bar that goes across the elbow floater that adds rigidity. 

First picture is the Pro+ where you can see the plastic that spans across. Second picture is the Pro where this is absent.

It almost looks like the Pro+ adds space between the floaters and your arms. Similar to how the old mechanical arms functioned. I don't know fi the the RX3 line was the same either, but I'd guess maybe. 




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