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Ritual G4 Set and Chest


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Alright so this will be one of my many upcoming reviews!  This at first will be an initial impression as I have not taken this set out on the ice as I got them today.  I will be doing that tomorrow March 27th in a mens league game!  I am not paid to do this I just work in a hockey store so these are my honest opinions!

Previous set I am in is Warrior GT set.  With factory modded glove and Warrior GT chest.

I am going to start of with the C/A.

Warrior G4 Chest and Arm Protector

So first off the first thing I noticed right out of the box is that it is definitely heavier than the GT but still lighter than my Brown 2200.  I like how the outer part of the arm by the tricep has a little more padding.  The other part is the red bar going down the chest which is very hard and will provide more protection when you are in the reverse vh an not 100% square this was something I wish my GT had as I have been caught there before and I had a little bruise.  I had to shorten the arms out of box but that was to be expected as I did it on the GT as well.  They made the loop a little bigger to run your laces through which is nice but i think it could be a little bigger still as I run both my lace and belt through it.  I like the how the arms feel when you bring you arms tight to the body to seal off the holes on you blocker and glove side feels nice and tight! I also like how the have set up the tightening system of the arms its done with velcro so it will be quicker to do and I hope that is something the do on an update with the GT.

Warrior G4 Glove

It feels similar to my GT obv but has a different degree break.  My GT is a 70 this is a 75 degree break.  I can close it well out of the box.  The biggest thing about their glove is there new palm.  Not gonna mention much about detail as I haven't gotten confirmation if I can release some detail.  I will say this as its a whole new level of protection from the GT.  Its like a pro/game ready hybrid.  I can close it easily out of the box but not as easily as the GT.  Single T which is cool would like to see it get switched to a stock double T design but that is my preference.  It took me two minutes to setup my strapping which is nice.  Now the big thing about these gloves which I like is how much wrist mobility you have!  Easily get your fingers up and there is no restrictions on your hand.

Warrior G4 Blocker

I will say this actually had to be a bit of a disappointment.  It didn't feel as good as the GT blocker out of the box.  I adjusted it and it feels better but it still feels off to me.  It may be due to it not being broken in.  Time will tell I am going to compare it to my GT and see if I have it setup correctly.  I do like the additional  finger protector on the blocker and it doesn't impede on stick movement.

Warrior G4 Pads

It's prob the moment you have all been waiting for is the pads!  So I did get to try out the G3s and I personally did not like them.  The outer wedge was too rigid/hard so when I post leaned it would dig into my leg!  That has been fixed with a much more flexible outer wedge like the GT.  They made a few notable changes!  

1.  You can now tighten/loosen the calve wrap from the inside.  This is a big deal for me as on my GTs I don't put they all the way across and the little bit of teeth from the velcro are eating my socks up.  With this new addition this solves the problem and now you can adjust it so you always wrap to the very end and eliminates you trying to line it up on a seem like I do with my GTs.

2.  They have an adjustment to put the outer flap on the very outside which is good for people who wear large knee pads.  I wear the swiss currently and I wouldn't have been able to put the strap behind my knee.  With these new pieces you will be able to!  I won't do it still as I strap below my knee but for the other people who couldn't now you can!

I do like the thinner outer roll now as well!  It will help pucks from sneaking in off the post and I had a couple of those this year.

The sliding service is very interesting to me the knee ridges are really hard and the calf area not so much.  I don't know if that is due to design @Kirk3190 maybe able to chime in on it.  It would be nice to have the hole inside edge stiff for sliding stability but knowing warrior there has to be a reason for the way the calf is designed.  Will let you know how they slide after I use them.

If you have any questions leave them below and I will answer them when I can as I am only on the site periodically.

Pics will be uploaded later when I take them!  If you want specific pictures let me know!






















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I'm going to start down with the biggest let down to me was the chesty!  I have fiddled with it and I just can't get it to work for me!  Mobility is pretty good out of box and protection is excellent I just had a hard time keeping the arms up.  I did shorten them like my GT chest but I think the added weight of the arms caused them to slide down which than interfered with my blocker.  I didn't really have a problem on my glove side though!  This unit is great for protection and it moves very well it just didn't work for me I do kind of have short arms lol.


The blocker ended up working out just fine!  I got it adjusted like my GT and it just needed a little breaking in an everything is fine.  I did remove the additional finger protector as it interfered with the way I held my stick.  The hypercomp addition is nice to the blocker makes the rebounds go a little further away from you which I like!  Side wall protection is excellent didn't have any problems or stingers with it!


This ended up being the piece I liked the most!  I like the slight difference in angle with this one compared to my GT  I was able to catch a few more pucks!  The biggest upgrade that I like in this glove is the hypercomp.  It offers more protection than the stock GT glove hence why I ordered my GT with a practice palm as I got a bunch of stingers with the demo (I will take blame for them as I wasn't catching them in the pocket!)  Took a couple nice hard shots to the palm during the tournament and didn't feel a thing!  It's the best of both worlds protection and the ability to close the glove right out of the box!!!  The unit is great just not for me!


I will say I am in love (don't tell my girlfriend!)  these pads blow the G3 out of the water!  I did a review last year about the G3 on the GGSU and I didn't  like them!  I than had a lengthy phone call with @Kirk3190 about how I could maybe improve the feel of the G3 for me and some of the changes they were making for the G4s.  I was ecstatic when I found out they were getting rid of the solid calf wedge this was one thing I really didn't like and moving to more of the GT style softer wing.  It effected my post lean and my VH position as the wedge would dig in to my calf and I did not like that feeling!  The other thing they fixed and I hope they do it on the GT2 as well is the adjustable calf sling so you don't end up having your socks chewed up by velcro.  It's a problem I have with my GTs but its only a minor convenience socks are cheap to replace at least!  I also like the bigger knee block to land on compared to the GT as well.  I never fell off the GT knee block I just like the extra coverage that the G4 gives!  Other thing that I noticed is that the G4s are slightly wider than my GTs!  I always thought my pads looked narrower but found out they were a little narrower compared to the G4!  The new  RVH optimized outer roll works very well and seams to be a trending change in pads which I welcome!  I also like how the rebounds flew to the corner when hitting the top of the pads It got rid of second opportunities.  I personally like my rebounds away from me as I can get up and get set to stop the next shot!  If you want rebounds close to you I would go GT if you want them to go far go with G4.  I play a very positional yet Hasek style if I get in trouble/scrabbling and had no problem doing it with these!  The other thing I liked (Yes I know I liked a lot of things!) was the weight they were even lighter than my GTs and I thought they were super duper light these are lighter!
Now the moment you are probably all been waiting for!  AIRslide does it work? Does it work well?  Here is my opinion on it!  Yes it does work as the game progressed they slid like they did at the beginning of the game and it works pretty well didn't have any snow build up on the inside of the pad either!  Does it work 100% of the time no it does not..now let me explain!  The second game I played on Friday the ice has been chewed up by previous games and the ice quality degraded a good amount.  My crease became light sandpaper and I was struggling to slide.  I had even scraped it multiple times to try to get rid of the bumps but that didn't work!  Am I blaming the pads no because I don't think any pad would work under those poor ice conditions!  

My overall opinion is I really like the set as I put in my custom order on Monday!  Now the long/short wait!  I did order an inch taller which I like but may not need in these with the profile lock!

The warrior will be my main set unless I find something I like more (which I doubt I will)  I will be testing the 2S in about a month and than prob some new Premier 2s than Vaughn V8 and maybe some Opt1ks!

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16 hours ago, CG35 said:

Let me know once you've put that new C/A to use on ice... we can compare notes.!!

Unfortunately, I don't have my set here yet, so that one will need to wait for a bit...

I will tomorrow after I use it tonight.  I have encountered its a little stiff on the lower forearm and it digs in a bit.  I was advised it will wear in and it won't be such a bothersome! 

1 hour ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Good review to start.

Just FYI, R/GT catcher is 70 deg. not 90.

I edited my original post thanks!

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19 hours ago, Aquilzz said:

Yeah that's what I was thinking. They just match really well with Warrior's "grey" strapping/liner scheme. 

Definitely HALs... you can tell by the bubble where the shock cord goes into the jenpro. HALs are open so you can tie/untie... where Pro Laces are all sewn in. (And in this case the Monster logo is visible when the image is blown up.)

image.png.f6958981403a1e2cedceb1864649b5e5.png     image.png.b9eb0395a4dcca16b2e6d1202adfa7f0.png 

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So I'm guessing the whole thinking on the uneven sliding surfaces is that less surface area in contact with the ice will reduce the amount of friction between the pad and the ice, and therefore increase the slide performance w/o changing the material then??

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10 hours ago, BadAngle41 said:

So I'm guessing the whole thinking on the uneven sliding surfaces is that less surface area in contact with the ice will reduce the amount of friction between the pad and the ice, and therefore increase the slide performance w/o changing the material then??

That would be my answer!

they are Hal’s I have. I have the TLG as well but they stay on my main pad. 

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14 hours ago, thebigm said:

what did you do to mod your chesty @CG35

I shortened the arms and modded the strap position that connects the shoulders to the back plate... wanted a wider spread for more chin room between the floaters. I’m also going to get the adjustable strap that connects the shoulders together reinforced or replaced and sewn solid... 

I’ll throw some photo’s up tomorrow...

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10 hours ago, CG35 said:

I shortened the arms and modded the strap position that connects the shoulders to the back plate... wanted a wider spread for more chin room between the floaters. I’m also going to get the adjustable strap that connects the shoulders together reinforced or replaced and sewn solid... 

I’ll throw some photo’s up tomorrow...

Sorry may have missed it, have you slid on these bad boys yet!?

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7 hours ago, Thatwentin!? said:

Sorry may have missed it, have you slid on these bad boys yet!?

Ha, ha... yes... skated two playoff games back-to-back last night... was too tired to post. Found the air slide surface to function a little differently than what I expected... great improvement though. I'm gonna try to get in a couple more ice times before I look to critique, but I am very happy so far. Especially, excited with how the design turned out... and the attention to detail in the construction... flawless.

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1) Modified the arms... Warrior provides two sets of holes for length adjustment, but I still needed a little more... folded over the genpro containing the original holes and stitched in place, then made a new set of holes through to the originals in the genpro and re-laced... lines the elbow floaters up perfectly.

2) Moved the connecting straps for the shoulder/backplate connection further to the inside. This mimics the set-up on my G1, and also from how I've found this was set-up on the G2 as well. With the added thickness of the shoulder floaters I needed a little more room to fit my helmet comfortably while looking over my shoulder in a standing crouch against the post.


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