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Brian's Optik Blocker vs. Bauer S170 Blocker Comparison

Adam Cooper

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This is my comparison video review of Brian's Optik Blocker vs. Bauer S170 blocker.  Probably not the most fair comparison as I'm comparing a pro blocker vs. a senior entry level one but it should help illustrate some of the key differences when making your next blocker purchase.  I'm now a true believe that all blockers are not equal and that "a block is just a blocker" quote is not really accurate. 

High Level:

The Brian's Optik blocker is definitely one of best in it's class of high end blockers.  Brian's offers some great customization for colors and custom logo options to the face of the blocker. One of the key reason's I upgraded to this blocker was for the exceptional finger protection.  The Bauer S170 really lacked effective index finger protection and I paid the price for this a couple times with the puck coming up and hitting that finger dead on underneath the finger flap.  The Boa System that it uses for adjusting the wrist is nice but not a big deal as I keep it at one standard setting.

The other areas where Brian's has excelled is the materials used in the glove to cut down on bacteria and durability of the palm of the glove which are much better than the Bauer Blocker.  The final point I'll make is that the Brian's Optik Blocker offers some great flexibility in the wrist which has really helped me with more effective puck redirects to the corner.

Overall, I've learned to recognized that finger protection on a blocker is very important so the extra dollar investment for me is worth it. Both blockers weigh the exact same and are extremely light.  If you are someone where budget is key then going with the Bauer you'll still have to examine some options to mod the finger protection.

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