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McKenney Glove Set, Christian Curtis Curve Stick **SOLD**


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41 minutes ago, icedog57 said:

I would prefer if he had a friend in the GTA that I could ship it to...:D

I hear you.

The closest person I know is far outside of Tornoto but in the same time zone. We’re becoming friends, but not in the “mate- can you drive to pick up a stick and mail it to me” type of friend.

Good luck. I am sad that this can’t happen for me ?

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Would you take a Pomeranian as a trade for that stick. He only eats new baseboards and molding around hallway doors. Loves to bark. Great at shedding too. 

I also have a blind Pomeranian / Golden Retriever mix too I'd consider throwing in. She's blind, so she wouldn't notice the change in scenery. She's 13.5 years old. Enjoys biting people and barking at 12:30am and 4:30am to go outside. Best dog ever.

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  • SaveByRichter35 changed the title to Christian Curtis Curve Stick and McKenney 870 Gloves

I had the matching gloves when I bought the complete set off a guy on kijiji. I just didn't like the closure of the glove at all. I still wear an old all black RBK P1 that is like an extension of my hand. I just can't retire it until I find something I like at least as much.

Oh well...pads are fantastic...so I'm a little mis-matched wearing all black blocker and catcher...not the end of the world.


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