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The Passmore Line


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Baseball has the Mendoza line. It's a batting average of .200. Players will hear they are 'hitting below the Mendoza line' when they're not doing well.

Hockey needs one for the goalies. Who better than Steve Passmore? Steve is a historic goalie who achieved many great things besides internet glory. The gear, the look and his scrapping skills are all something to aspire to.

Steve had a decent professional career between the NHL, AHL and a few international leagues. His numbers were always ok at best.

His save percentage year to year would jump over and under the .900 line. A .900 save percentage isn't a good number these days but it's not enough to get rid of a goalie with it.

Like Steve Passmore.

So, on this 3rd day of October 2018, I do decree that the new goalie standard of the save percentage 'Passmore Line' be established at .900.


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On 9/6/2020 at 3:30 PM, WillyGrips13 said:

I had a dream that there was a power metal song with the chorus:

Passmore! Blocker! Passmore! Blocker!

If there are any music people on this site, we should make that happen. I’ll split the profits 60/40. 

How about This, to the tune of Springfield Springfield (Simpsons)

Passmore Passmore it’s Hell of blocker.  

weather you play stand up or paddle down. ......

weighs less than 3 pounds

Passmore Passmore.....Passmore Passmore (New York New York) hey man Passmore never played for them ......

Ok that’s all I got so far.  

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