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New Image Mask Thread

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I did  a search and didn't find anything in here on New Image Goalie masks so am starting one. 

This is an unbiased review of my situation and experience:

I needed a new mask desperately, like as in cracks all the way through the chin of my old Sportmask type need. I had to ball on a budget because I am moving soon but needed something. After searching around a while I came across New Image. The masks looked great, the reviews were all great and the prices are outstanding compared to others I was considering. I was also able to trade in an old mask for credit towards my new one which was awesome as well. 

Ordering process - I hit up Ray on facebook and inquired on ordering and within a few days had placed an order and sent him payment. I was quoted 12 weeks for a mask (Shark 954 Model). Coincidentally the day the mask was supposed to be to me was on my birthday.

Customization process - Ray hit me up about 3 weeks before my mask would be set to deliver and asked for my head size, some face pics and the specs on the mask. I went for Matte black, black straps, open style backplate and a cateye cage.

Waiting process - The wait ended up being 25 weeks before I got my mask. I had to reach out a few times for updates and didn't always get the fastest response initially. I was trying not to be that PITA but the mask I was playing in was not safe. I will say this now that I have the mask, Ray makes masks on the side and is in super high demand for his services, I did not know that at the time. My ONLY criticism would have been for him to take a realistic look at his workload and quote wait times accordingly.

Mask arrival - I got the mask ripped open the box and there was a beautifully crafted mask looking back at me. Finish inside and out was excellent, the paint was excellent I was very happy. Then I tried it on. It was way to tight and would not fit. I messaged Ray and he was fairly sure I measured my head wrong. I sent him some pics of me measuring my head and he was spot on. I was holding the measuring tape WAY too tight. He had me send the mask back and he refitted it. (Also on a side note Ray tossed in a nice Bauer practice jersey with the mask as well as a helmet bag and extra foam and a hardware kit. All nice and welcomed touches)

Mask Arrival 2 - Got the mask back and tried it on and the fit is perfect now. Talked with Ray some more and he apologized for the wait and said his workload was too big and he is opening his eyes to that and will do things better as far as wait time quotes and the like. All stuff that makes me want to order another mask to have as a backup (can't yet wife would kill me).

All said and done it was worth the wait, the mask and craftsmanship is above many others you would find in a much higher priced mask. I look forward to many skates ahead in my new Mask!





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Site is dated for are, but this isn’t Rays main business.

After using the mask for over a year I can say it’s holding up outstanding. I’ve taken some blasts off of it and not felt a thing and no damage. 

Only thing I have changed is I have widened the face opening a bit with my Dremel and a cut off wheel. The peripheral vision was narrower than I was used to. I widened it about 1.5” on each side and it is much better for me now. (I don’t recommend you try this, I just was comfortable with making this modification)

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