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How can I loosen Loctite on bolts?


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39 minutes ago, Colander said:

Depend on the type of Lock-tite. There is a specific solvent for one type. Also apparently acetone (nail polish remover) will work, but be careful what else it gets on

I don’t remember what color the container was but the glue itself is clear. I think the bigger issue I’m having is I’m getting no torque because the nut-end isn’t flat-sided, so I have to hold it with pliers while using a screwdriver or drill on the other side.

I was thinking the same thing about the nail polish removal, but it turns out we no longer have any in the house. I do have turpenoid which is the modern equivalent of turpentine for oil painting (art). Perhaps that would work. 

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When you say the "nut end" I assume you mean the side opposite what we see in your pic (?) If it is round two things you can try:

1. File some small flats on the "nut" heads so you can grab it better (hopefully you can do that without abrading the material  -perhaps slip a very thin piece of sheet metal between the edge of the file and the pad material)

2. Use a pair of vice grips to hold the nut. If you can do that, don't be kind about it - set them so it's essentially at your limit of hand grip to get them to lock on

Of course option 3 is the combination of 1 & 2


HIH, good luck, and let us know what heppens

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Unfortunately, no combination of heat and nail polish is loosening the nut and bolt. I likely don’t have the right combination of tools either, and I’m not going to get more tools for this. I also don’t want to do any more damage to the nuts and bolts and leather (jenpro?) with all this giggering.

I’ll likely try and attach the Prolaces along with the toe-bridge it’s stuck to to the other set of pads I’m looking to try these with. The holes on the toe-bridge don’t match up with the holes on the pad, so I’ll have to use cord instead. 

The adjustable clamps are too big to get around the nut so they’re of no use. The other tools require hand strength to hold them closed. It’s just not working. Bleh😕37383891-749D-43C5-AF22-3C3A38C46563.thumb.jpeg.a78b6a63354d01c313954a312eafc188.jpeg

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3 minutes ago, Ross said:

Have you tried using a soldering iron to apply heat to the screw?

No, I do not have a soldering iron, nor do I plan on getting one. 

Good news, though. The toe-bridges do fit the other pads using the bolts. So perhaps this was all a waste of time for me. But maybe this thread can be a resource for someone else in the future. 

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On 12/18/2020 at 7:08 PM, Colander said:

2. Use a pair of vice grips to hold the nut. If you can do that, don't be kind about it - set them so it's essentially at your limit of hand grip to get them to lock on

You are referring to lock pliers?


For opening the screws, you might try to tighten the nut instead of opening. Then the clued portion would come outwards from the nut and clear the threads. If you can makew the bolt tighten a bit and then open it might get opened after several repeats. 

Hindsight: using a thread lock instead rapid clue would be advisable and getting rid of those screws and replace them with some cord would be the best choice. 

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  • 2 years later...

Well I’m bringing this thread back to ask for help on issues I’m having removing a toe bridge. Now I can’t even get the toe bridge off the pad. I bought new toe bridges and bungee attachments I want to use, but I can’t get one bolt from each pad to budge. I’ve bathed in WD40 and it isn’t budging at all. I decided to drill it out tonight, but even that isn't working. These things are always difficult, but I’ve never had this much trouble before. It doesn’t help that the design of these aren’t very good. A flat disc of metal on one side with no teeth to grab the pad material and no edges to grip with a tool. Ridiculous. I’m at my wits end. 
edit: incidentally there is no loctite in the screws I’m now trying to get loose, unlike the other ones I started the thread about. 

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If you can find PB Blaster, it works extremely well, so much better than WD-40. https://blasterproducts.com/product/pb-blaster-penetrant/

I would also try shocking the screw by hitting the centre of it with a punch and hammer. This may loosen bits. Heat is also good, but you said you didn't have a soldering iron, maybe even just a heat gun/hair dryer, although I would be careful around the other material.

Then if that combo won't loosen, then I would get a Dremel and cut enough of the disk to get the screw out of the pads, and then get replacement screws.

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