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NHL 21-22 Season Chat


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50 minutes ago, insertnamehere said:

Man, why couldn't the Leafs lose that game? I love watching their fanbase implode. 

As a Leafs fan myself, yea its pretty funny watching everyone lose it. Definitely have not been watching as much as I normally would with this terrible performance. Although, the panthers have been looking really good

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9 hours ago, insertnamehere said:

As a Leafs fan, did you bother watching All or Nothing?

I did for 2 reasons, 1) to see what went on behind the scenes which the documentary only showed a bit of, and 2) for the comedy of seeing a full documentary end really abruptly due to the leafs doing what they do best. You can really tell in the last 2 episodes that the producers were expecting a second round to film lol. Gotta love the Toronto Maple Laughs 

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3 hours ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

@seagoal tonight its Rangers and Kraken! 

Yeah, there are so many tickets to it being offered because of Halloween.  I wanted to go, but Halloween is a big deal for my partner and we are cooking, having friends over, handing out candy.....the whole deal.  Lots of need for subs in our league tonight, too.

If had even asked to play/attend hockey tonight I would be sleeping in the garage for a week.  I'm on dog duty tonight, but my protest is not dressing up in costume AND watching Kraken/Rangers on TV.

I send you a virutal cheers for puck drop. 

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2 hours ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

My god Georgiev sucks.  Dude needs to fucking gooooooo.  That looked like a pretty ugly game from both goalies last night.

Also, the McDavid goal is at 6:50 for those who don't want to watch the whole 9 minute video.

I had to watch a few of them over to see exactly what happened like the first one. Georgiev is listed at 6'1" he seems more like 5'11" or 10

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