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Best Type of Elastic Toe Ties

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I've used the FlexToe hooks, and they worked great for pad rotation. They didn't cause me any strain. The only problem was that I shredded them after a few skates. I now realise that I should clip the hooks to my skates and not each other. In the meantime, I've ordered another pair, and am using skate lace while I'm waiting for a new pair of FlexToes to arrive.

I've also read about pro laces, sliding bridges, and Halo toe ties. Are there other types of elastic ties out there. Are there any that stand out? I'd like to hear your opinions on them, so I'll know how and what to upgrade to. Thanks!

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Haven't used a Halo toe tie, but I've used the standard Pro Laces, CCM toe elastics, Monster Hockey HALs (defunct) and the Bauer toe elastics.

The standard Pro Laces and CCM toe toes are essentially the same thing. I believe CCM licensed the design from Pro Laces. I like these as the bungees are thick and the build quality of the tabs feels very sturdy. If you play roller hockey, I can see these possibly getting in the way as the gauge of the bungee cord is much thicker. I'm certain there are some other members here that have experience with the TGN or Trav-spec Pro Laces.

The Monster Hockey HALs were one of the first bungee toe systems out there. Bauer may have licensed it for their equipment as early versions of their 2X (?) pad had some of toe tabs with the Monster Hockey logo. These are a thinner gauge bungee cord than the Pro Laces/CCM with slightly smaller and thinner velcro tabs. The Nash Hockey/A&R Pad Rotators are very similar to these. The Halo Hockey bungees look very similar, too.

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I've got the Brian's Smart Straps on my pads. I ordered the new version with the sandwich style fastener to replace the original ones. Also had them made 3" longer to weave through my skates. they're the only flex ties I've used but I like them. 

Brian's Smart Straps

Edit - The Hockey Shop also sells the Vaughn Bungee Toe Ties and Pro Lace.

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On 1/25/2022 at 3:28 PM, coopaloop1234 said:

I've used standard lace, sliding toe bridge, Warrior elastic toe ties, and now Pro Laces.

Prolaces have been my favourite by far. Get the armoured version (elastic is encased in skate lace) and you'll be happy. I've had a set on for two years now and they're still going strong.

How do you install the Prolaces? Do you feed them through the holes like regular skate lace, or are there any special steps to take?

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I also use Pro Laces. I used the versions with the knot on them so it still feels like I have some slack (like I had with skate laces). I don't even know they are there until they need to be used. The version I use also doesn't need any metal or screws which is nice.

They are the 'TGN' Spec.


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