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Brian Heaton History Thread


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On 11/10/2019 at 1:43 PM, Naz said:

Yes, 4700 was the Senior version.  You can see the SR tag in one of your photos.

Also, as you alluded to, the H% logo is heat transferred.  As seen in the attached photo, the Pro version had the full H5 rubberized logo.


It’s funny how in those days the lower end model had heat transfer logos while the pro had rubber and stitched logos. Today it would be sold as a weight reduction advantage to use heat transfer and they’d charge double. 

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8 hours ago, MTH said:

Man, I don't know. Zoom in on this picture on eBay. Looks like the Heaton logo for sure. Why can't I find a side shot of thse pads??


I think the logos may be attached to Aeroflex/Winlite pads. How about that? The top logo looks loose. Like it was glued on and peeling off.


Heaton logo for sure:


That’s the rub. I swore I saw a Heaton logo. I know Heaton never offered a Nylon-faced pad, but these had a few extra funky details, including what looks like Jenpro shin rolls. 

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My new set of Brians gear, early to mid 80's. Yeah, it's a hokey pose when compared to a hockey pose. 

Someone asked - Yes, this Orange/Black White is the original paint scheme on my mid 80's Harrison. In the early 90's Greg fashioned a new design and repainted it to its current look.



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Going waaaay back to ...early 80's maybe? Brian had a workshop in the back of Sonny's sport shop in Kingsville. He had a pair of pads he let someone use to try out. Maybe Windsor Spitfires? Not sure. Anyway he sold me those pads for 400$ . Back then it seemed like a lot of money.  They were plain brown...no colors..very plain looking, but wore extremely well. I think they were probably in the first few dozen pads he made for sale. Unfortunately,  they were stolen years later...even though they were quite old and tattered at that point.

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On 6/11/2019 at 1:59 AM, Chopski said:

Guys, I feel obligated to share my personal Brian Heaton Story.

I am currently the Director of Goaltender Development for a Private Hockey Training Center (9 years running, 3 locations), a boys Varsity Hockey Goalie Coach (also 9 years running with currently 1 NHL draft pick & 1 signed), & I also work for a major equipment manufacturer (not Brian's). In other words, when I heard about the man, myth & legend of Brian Heaton, that's what I always wanted to do. I'm blessed to have made a career out of this sport, without going any further than college hockey in a small town tending net.

I got to meet Brian at the Hockey Expo in St. Paul, MN in the early 2000's. He spent HOURS talking to me. Attached is the sticker that I proudly wear on my skull plate in his remembrance (see pic). Yes, my mask was made by Jerry Wright (but I have hidden Mr. Wright's contact info).

Brian literally changed the game for us goalies. Growing up in the late 80's & early 90's, seeing the custom creations of Sean Burke, Trevor Kidd, Jim Carey, Guy Hebert, Olaf Kolzig, etc. just to name a few. They looked SO COOL compared to the rest of them. Truly custom.

Yes, I wore Brian's/ & Heaton for my entire goalie career (head to toe). I LOVED my puckfoils in high school & college. He was truly a visionary & someone that even to this day I strive to become!!



wish I still had mine it was on my Stacy mask that I sold

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Was definitely a Brian's/Heaton family playing the 90's.  Mostly Brian's to be honest with the pads, gloves and chest protectors.  Both myself and my older brother had Brian's for all of those pieces but we did rock Heaton pants that had built in knee pads and jock as well.

Recently had a mint pair of Heaton 10's that were top notch as well.  Will always have a soft spot for the equipment back then with their beauty.



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On 2/9/2018 at 11:22 AM, TheGoalNet said:

There are a handful of guys that completely revolutionized gear in the 80s and 90s. John Brown, Jerry Wright, Greg Harrison, Mike Vaughn, Michel Lefebvre, Pete Smith, and Brian Heaton. 

I find Brian's history the most fascinating and thought other people could share their knowledge of his "industry time line" or correct errors in mine

  • Industrial Design Degree 
  • Works at Cooper - Designs Cooperalls, brings color to player gloves, and uses the "Tuff Stuff" & "Dura Soft" to minimize the use of leather in goalie gear and reduce weight 
  • Starts Brian's Custom Pro Shop in Windsor - Fixes gear there and develops the famed Brian's Star Logo. Store is still open today! 
  • Begins work on Brian's branded gear 
  • Instant hit and tries to buyout financial backer. Financial backer utilizes the fine print to buyout Brian
  • Brian starts Heaton. Instant hit number 2. Helite 2 and Olaf Kolzig are the first retail graphic option
  • Around the start of Helite 3-ISH (early 90s). Heaton is purchased by Karhu (Koho, Jofa, Titan, Canadien)
  • Brian continues with Heaton brand and supports update and re-launch of Koho goalie gear 
  • CCM acquires Karhu in late 90s and forms The Hockey Company 
  • Brian leaves for TPS after Heaton 6 (or Launch of Heaton 8!?!). Designs XHale, Contour, and utilizes Brock material 
  • Comes back to CCM for Heaton 10 and Blockade. Blockade is way ahead of it's time, but a commercial failure. 
  • Brian departs again from The Hockey Company to form BHG as direct to consumer 

Brian Heaton started Brian's in Kingsville. Not Windsor. It was in 1984. And he started Heaton in 1988 😉

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On 6/1/2021 at 3:33 AM, Kick_Saves said:

Here is my Brian Heaton tribute set up. It is all original new old stock. Not for sale 😉



Mask aside of course, pads not quite the same model, but this immediately made me think of Tommy Soderstrom’s setup:



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8 hours ago, MTH said:

The days of bare bladed Chimos has sadly slipped away too fast.

Don't you worry, a guy I play adult league still uses an untaped wooden stick.

I think it's mostly out of laziness though, because he also only switched out of his NXI after it broke from a shot.

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