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On 8/18/2023 at 5:19 PM, AdamL said:

That they are. And both are better goaltenders than Trav is. Ridgen's real talent is making videos, not stopping pucks, which for the record is TOTALLY fine.

You're right, that's what he does best and ppl get intrigued by it, love it or hate it ppl comment lol. He does it for the money, it's like his story or some bs I wonder why some even follow his none sense. 

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On 7/24/2023 at 5:45 PM, ThatCarGuy said:

I would absolutely love to make a custom All Out set of Axis using a flat faced EF4 graphic. I really liked how Bernier's looked


This set made its way to social media after he was done with it.  It was a flat faced EF4 with v1 FRS in the back.  So i'm pretty confident they were 20.1s with EF4 graphic

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9 hours ago, Chenner29 said:

This set made its way to social media after he was done with it.  It was a flat faced EF4 with v1 FRS in the back.  So i'm pretty confident they were 20.1s with EF4 graphic

Pretty sure those EF4s had the good old fashioned super tight fit leg channel. The same thing nearly every Eflex guy was using before Lefevre separated and the same thing a ton of guys still are using with true


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I don't think this warrants a new thread, but I thought I'd provide some thoughts on my Eflex 6 pads after 22 ice times.

For background, these are the first set of non-Vaughn pads I've had since 1991 which means I've gone all the way through the Legacy, Vision, and Velocity series' ending with the V7 xf Pro Carbons that I had up until the start of this season. My motivation for switching was that I wanted to make the jump to a more modern pad in terms of materials, construction, strapping, along with a stiffer feel and a squared off knee block/system. The Eflex series seemed like the best option for me given that they are still what some might consider a "soft" pad compared to Bauer, for example, and I always liked the look and feel of the Eflex series whenever I was in a gear store and browsing other brands.

I had also bought a set of True 9x3's to compare, but I found the thigh-rise and the pad in general too stiff, and I didn't like the FRS strapping system. The CCM's were also lighter and just felt like a better fit for me overall, so the Trues were returned. I originally bought a set of stock 34+2's, with control rebound foam and speedskin on the sliding surface. After 3 skates I realized they were too big so I sold them (ouch), and bought a new set of custom 33+1.5's with max rebound and weave instead of speedskin. These fit perfectly, and although I had no issues with the speedskin I do prefer the weave. For context, my V7's were 34+2.

After 22 skates I can unequivocally say I love these pads and do not miss my Vaughns. I mean, don't get me wrong, I will always love Vaughn but I guess we've just agreed to see other people now 😅.

My preference is to strap my pads quite loose which I was already doing that with the V7's, and the CCM's strapping system is obviously very conducive to that as well. I use skate lace toe ties with about 3.5 inches of slack, and have the QMSS2 somewhat snug, but by no means tight. I run the DRS Pro strap behind the knee as opposed to down the calf, and it's relatively loose as well but tight enough to ensure my knee stays on the block. The calf strap is very loose. If you've ever seen how Demko straps his pads, that's basically how I wear mine. Sadly, that is the only area he and I could ever be compared, haha.

Here's some general performance categories/metrics for the pads and how I'd grade them based on my experience:

Fit & Feel/Rotation: A  

It took a bit of trial and error to get the straps dialed in to where I like them, but now that I have I really like the way they connect and move with my leg and how they sit on my skate. Very responsive, and rotation has been really good in the butterfly, as well as when getting into the RVH. Coming from Vaughn I'm a fan of the soft boot and it plays a big role in triggering that rotation and allowing for good post integration without putting a tonne of stress on ankles knees and hips.

Sliding: B+

I know there's better sliding pads out there, which is why this score is a bit lower. But for my purposes and based on my experience, and coming from a V7, I have zero complaints. Last night by the end of the game the ice was slow and snowy but I still had no issues sliding on cross crease pushes and I can remain in control and not over-slide.

Seal & Thigh Rise Stiffness: A

Contrary to posts by dip-shit Youtubers, pad seal (including the thigh rise) has been great for me. Just last night I faced a quick release slot shot right along the ice that I managed to get to even though I felt I was late on it. The pad rotated quickly and sealed nicely despite the fact that my full weight hadn't yet settled down on the knee block on the ice, the puck hitting the pad just below the knee and kicking to the corner. Hopefully I'm describing that well enough for people to understand. At any rate, the seal has been good. I've also been impressed with their five hole closure. Just the right amount of curve in the thigh rise.

Build Quality/Durability: ?

Too early to provide any comment on this, so all I can say is that after 22 skates they're in perfect condition. No wear spots that I've noticed and the straps are high quality so no problems there. As a first time CCM user I didn't bring any bias or previous experience to this topic, but based on many world wide web commenters out there by all accounts these pads should have vapourized after 3 or 4 skates 😂🤷‍♂️. Anyway, so far so good!

Overall, very happy with these pads and glad I made the switch. My comfort level is at the point where I don't even think about my gear when I'm playing which is always a good sign. If anyone has any questions I can answer, let me know.

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