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CCM 2024 - Axis XF Pro


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1 hour ago, ThatCarGuy said:

My theory has been confirmed. CCM is putting their focus primarily on younger professional goalies. 


I would call this this the Bauer playbook, haha

IMO it seems like CCM is looking at post Lefevre as a reboot like Bauer did with OD1N.

Bauer did a great job at getting their OD1N gear in the CHL, NCAA, and then had just a couple pros to start? Like Hank, Freddy, and Reimer. They recruited younger goalies like Vasi, Oettinger, Knight, Ullmark, and Sorokin. Overtime obviously, those guys have risen to be the top goalies in the league and everyone has seen them wearing the gear during their rise.

In my CCM analogy, Demko and Markstrom are the steady guys like Lundqvist. Now they are building out their young guys with Wolf, Levi, Skinner, and the NCAA / CHL guys.

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9 hours ago, froese said:

Pretty decent overview/review from Kasimir is now up


Not sure why, but looks like the video has been taken down. Weird YouTube copyright take down perhaps? 🤷‍♂️

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9 hours ago, ThatCarGuy said:

Kask's set has no speedskin on the inside edge as well. So far all signs point to CCM abandoning speedskin on the sliding surface.

Definitely wasn't weave, so I just assumed it was speedskin but I wasn't looking closely. Wonder what it is...

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