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Best pads you’ve ever had?


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Tell me about your fav pads of all time. You have to have actually used them tho. 

Mine were my 36” eagle fusions. Mostly sentimental as they were my first legit pads as a rookie adult beer leaguer. I don’t know if they were actually good or not, but I loved them. Thigh rise was a little short.


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I'm going to follow up @cwarnar and also say my heavily modified Smith SP5000's. 
I too, also regret selling them. 

Mods: Shortened thighrise. Lowered knee landing, custom one piece knee blocks (at the time i asked them to be modelled after the 5). Trimmed outer calm wing, delete the outer knee lock wedge. A host of other things. If i ever see these up for sale again i'm snapping them up. 




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I´m another GAS here, so hard to choose only one :D.

I´m sentimental to my first own new pads back in the day - REY DEVIL 2 (same czech brand which makes masks used to make gear), no way best pads, but were first ;) :


My first pro pads - NikeBauer Supreme SE3 (made in CAN) were great  and realy liked them:


But the best pads - Koho Revolution vintage:


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