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Was it really that bad? Looking back on past Goalie/Goalie gear controversies.


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I’ll start it off here.
1s pad durability.
Here are the pads in question.

1s od1n SR size M  
Purchased in used condition June 2019.


August 2019 - March 2020
 I was using them 3-4 ice times a week with each ice time lasting about on average 1hr 15 min.
April 2020 - Today
Averaging to about 3-4 times a month with each ice time about 1 hr 30 min

Now that we got a rough estimate on how much I used these pads let’s take a look at the damage.

I counted a total of 7 cuts on the face of the pad, all of which I covered with hockey tape. 2 major cuts. 5 small cuts that I can’t tell if it’s a cut or if it’s because the cortech just started to decay.


The top of the pad has it the worse with the cortech just peeling off.


Inner/Outer Gussets
Jeez where do I even start?
Bindings. Who thought it was a good idea to put bindings in the area which gets the most friction?
So those are starting to fray pretty bad. I can now see the edges of the cortech in some places.


Don’t forget ripping cortech!


And whatever happened in these places!.


Yes, the durability was just as bad as we remembered, but god damn the sliding on these are just as good as day one. 
Effortlessly moving across the ice with no problems.
Anyway,It may be time for me to get a better set of pads.


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15 minutes ago, ThatCarGuy said:

I always thought of boddam as a controversial brand but I don’t think they’ve had any issues directly with other manufacturers over copying specs and graphics. Just those of us who think graphics should belong to the brands. 

Aren't you thinking of Battram? I heard that Battram was the one who was more involved in copying other companies' stuff. 

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Funny - today's gear is all Chinese made stuff from only a handful of large companies. The days of small companies pushing the design of gear have passed.

Thus, why it was so controversial in the day. Small guys were on the same battlefield as the big brands. 

No more.

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