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Brian's Iconik - 2023 Line


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We've got the picture of Igor in the pad. I have a feeling the outer roll is exaggerating it a bit, but it still seems relatively aggressive. More realistically it's very similar to the bend in the Optik3 (which I would call aggressive). I'm a pretty big fan of the bend in my GNetikVs since it seems to be a bit less, comparable to the PX3 structure if I had to liken it to something.

When I wore a set of Optik3s it didn't feel bad by any means. I could notice the bend, but didn't feel any interference or awkwardness in any movements from it. The pads are good, so if this is Brian's doing a continuation of the GNetik line with some influence in shape from the Optik, it'll be a fine pad. I have ho idea if they're keeping their slight focus on this build having a torsional flex as part of its intended function. I am hoping they took some of the weight out of the pad, I love my GNetikVs overall due to their stiffness, seal quality, and sliding performance, but they're the heaviest and smallest pad I own.

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5 hours ago, jerd31 said:

The knee bend looks pretty tame in their latest IG



It does look a bit less on the actual gear's page on their site too.


Additional fun things:

  • 20% lighter than GNETiKV (very good, love the pad but it is heavy)
    • Thinner
  • Knee block stiffened up by doubly lacing it
  • Kept the SBA knee and leg cradle, more nylon and less airknit (likely better for wear)
  • SBA on the boot (could see this in a picture of Jake Allen, not sure I like this change at all)
  • Blocker cuff more open than the GNETiKV, very good change
  • Thumb/sidewall change to reduce wear/friction, also a good change
  • Sidewall rigidity looks upped from an already decent rigidity
  • Glove looks nearly identical with backhand rigidized and flex added (very good)
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1 hour ago, Novasteel31 said:

When I look at the shape of the glove it looks to me at least like they have gone more in shape towards the original gnetik glove when it was released compared to the flatter presenting one of the last few years.

I think that's just due to the laces in the palm holding the jenpro tighter to the foam and plastic. There's a lot of empty space behind the jenpro on gnetik iv and v

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