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In Memoriam and Gear Appreciation


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I'll start with the serious part.  In light of articles from the likes of Robin Lehner and Corey Hirsch, as well as the increased awareness of mental health issues, I think it's important to talk about these things.  I won't get super specific out of respect for the family, but they did encourage me to make this post when I brought up the idea.

In January of this year, my girlfriend's brother took his own life at the age of 50.  He was a loving, compassionate person who left behind his son, sisters, mother, niece and nephews.  He lead a good life, enlisted in the Canadian Navy, was a successful accountant and also a member of the goaltending brotherhood.

Due to the distance between us and her family (about 5 hour drive across Ontario), I only met him a handful of times over the last couple of years.  We were both the largely introverted types, so we never really got to talk more in depth about goaltending.  He didn't play anymore and I think we were both just too timid to get into it.

Last weekend we cleaned out a storage locker of possessions and his mother and my gf asked if I would take a look at his old gear.  There are a few gems, he had good taste.  If all it gets is a moment to shine on these forums and then go into a donation bin, then that's great.  If anyone is interested in giving any of these pieces a good home, PM me and we can work something out.  Or if you've got any interesting insight on anything, please share :) 

To temper expectations, there were no pads, skates, mask or sticks in the locker, we're not entirely sure if he had already gotten rid of them or they got taken somewhere over the years.

Jock: still functional, brand mostly rubbed off, don't recognize it.


Breezers: Brown JB900's.  Probably about the equivalent of a medium in today's sizes.  I can put them on easily with no jock or knee pads on and I wear XL pants.  Honestly, I would still feel comfortable wearing these on the ice.


C/A: Adam's brand. Safety pin holding one panel down on the one arm, lots of straps.  Surprisingly sturdy, might be suitable for pond hockey or the new spec NHL :P  Anyone have any insight on Adam's and where they fit into gear history?



Gloves: Ok, a couple of gems here.  Heaton Helite III's, 2 different colourways.  Blocker is pretty worn in, all finger protection has been detached from the actual glove.  Trapper has a floating T.  I feel like these might be candidates for a refurb.






He was a good man who is gone too soon, and I'd give him a stick tap for his taste in gear for sure.

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7 hours ago, Mroy31 said:

Anyone have any insight on Adam's and where they fit into gear history?

@Mroy31, sorry to hear about your girlfriend's brother, that's sad news, and happens way too often. I myself lost a close friend in that manner as well.  I skimmed this thread quickly the first time, without reading the opening, sorry once again.

Good question.  Back in 1989-91 I had an Adams glove and blocker, which I bought in Penticton BC.  I thought Adams was a BC company, perhaps even made the gear in the Kelowna area?  It was really popular stuff, and I remember some NHLers had the Adams pads, with Bill Ranford being one of them, around 1988.

I remember the glove having an embroidered eagle in the palm.  If I remember correctly, Adams turned to Eagle (not the Eagle brand we know today), and the Eagle gear was also quite popular.  I had Eagle pads for a few seasons as well.  This gear is long gone, and I don't have any photos unfortunately

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My thoughts go out to your family.

Heaton and Brian's gloves of that era were the best available options on the market, in my opinion. I had a Brian's Hook and then an Air Hook, as I could not find nor order Heaton gear easily in Illinois. My friend had both a Lefevbre (yes, with a 'b') glove and blocker that were very, very nice, but I preferred Brian Heaton's contributions to the catcher market.

The jock is a Heaton Helite Pro 90Z, it appears. I had a Heaton jock for a spell in the 90's - it was pretty sturdy.

Those Brown JB900 pants goal pants were top-of-the-line for their time. These and the CCM pro-only goal pants were highly desirable in the early to mid-90s, from my recollection. I would have loved a pair of those 900s

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