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Is breaking in a glove a dying art?


Glove Break In Gratification  

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  1. 1. Do you like breaking in a glove?

    • Love it, part of the fun of a new set.
    • I could take it or leave it.
    • That glove better be like butter from the factory.

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Aside from how we’ll pads slide, or how light they are, or how big the rebounds, the next thing I see mentioned nearly as often is how a glove closes from the factory. 
Personally I enjoy the process of breaking in a glove. It’s a ritual to me. Something that takes some time and effort, and as a result is pretty gratifying when it’s just right. 
Maybe my age is showing, but as part of the order I just placed for an Axis it’s the very first time I’ve ordered a game ready glove. Not only am I a 580 guy... but also a pro palm guy. So this is a big change for me. At one point the pro palm was for the additional protection, but since then it was just the joy of breaking it in properly. Doing it right vs. doing it quickly if you will. 
I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t get the desire for gloves that you can use in a game right out of them box. 
Tell me what you like and why...

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Like you I'm a pro palm guy, and like you I just made the switch with my Axis to game ready after doing some thinking.  I still think it will be stiff but not as stiff, and I will have fun breaking the thing in but in all honesty I'm getting sick of it haha.  But a goalie gotta do what a goalie gotta do!

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I have a few thoughts on this subject.
The first one, and it's probably more a pre-concieved notion more than reality based, is that a "game ready" glove in my mind also means that it will be less durable, break down faster, and need to be replaced sooner.
Second one - I have a certain way I like a glove to be shaped once I have broken it in.  Not EXACTLY finger curl, but a definite curve at the finger tips.  Picture any of Ron Hextall's gloves (yes, I'm an old fart).  This allows me to grip/hold the stick very well when playing the puck.
Now, to contradict the fact I believe you should be breaking in your own glove.  My thoughts were based on when I was younger and had practices 4 times per week and pre-game skates in addition to the games.  This gave opportunity to break in a glove prior to actual game use.  Use the old glove in games until the new glove was ready.  Just being a beer leaguer now, there are is no practice time, so a glove needs to be relatively game ready.
FWIW, I voted "Love it"

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Honestly I used to love spending time on each glove dialing it in, getting it exactly right, and so on.  But that started to change when I bought a Gnetik2 glove that just didn't want to break in fully.   The final straw was last year when I bought both a set of GT2's and a set of EF4s .  I just absolutely couldn't get my 590 EF4 glove to break in fully no matter how much time I spent working on it.   I'm hoping I've solved the CCM break-in issue by removing the D30 from my Axis catch glove but we'll see later this summer.

I guess now that I'm in the habit of buying 1-2 new sets of gear per year I really don't want to be bothered with an extensive break-in process.  I just want to get on the ice and try out new toys. 

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I never have bought a new catcher, always been to the used ones. First of they are cheap, and I do refurbish them as a hobby. Secondly they are broken in, soft very useable after some hobby work. 

I would love the opportunity to get my hands on a new stiff glove, dismantle it, work over certain parts (Simmons project for reference here) that make things stiff and see how well the glove would work just after that.

But these new gloves just cost so much that can't get to it. Not just now atleast.

Gave my vote on 1. Actually never tried one glove in shop that would go well on ice "as is".

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