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Vaughn SLR 3


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On 7/27/2021 at 7:55 PM, keeperton said:

Really interested to see what they change. I'm mostly hoping they thin the pad out, to cut both bulk and weight, and make the boot a bit more shallow.

I continue to stand by my theory that blackwood has been wearing SLR3 leg pads all year long

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6 hours ago, seagoal said:

Now that's a string of words we don't hear every day.  I love it :)

Well I've been playing goalie my whole life. Mostly ball hockey and the obvious street hockey when younger. Just never played ice more than a handful of time till last year. Decked out in Vaughn gear though. Gotta have it. Very user friendly I find 

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The bindingless sidewall on the blocker looks incredible. The pads also appear to have an angled knee stack similar to optik 2 and G5. Not sure why the shin on the pads is still so thick other than maybe to accommodate large knee pads. I wasn't expecting to say this but it's a very close race between SLR3 and G6 for me. It'll come down to which is cheaper rather than which is better since they seem so close.

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