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Foam Core Stick Thread


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I've been into Frontier sticks the last year or two. Before I was into all-wood TPS sticks, and didn't like foam-core because it didn't feel as stiff. The Frontier 9985G is foam-core, but still feels stiff as a regular all-wood stick. Thinner profile than Warrior. And best of all... Frontier sticks are made in Estonia :)


Here's my 14 year old son with one of my ...errr... now his... custom Frontier stick (reminder to self: have to double the size of my next order)


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On 10/22/2017 at 9:33 PM, TheGoalNet said:

I actually love how it looks and support it. If I was foam core, I’d be all in! 

This isn’t the first time Sherwood had gone this route either... 

I like it also and might get one if they have a color scheme that works. But the reason it has the paint scheme that it does is that sher-wood didn’t want to pay the NHL licensing fee, right? 

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On 10/22/2017 at 10:20 PM, TheGoalNet said:


But, their smart to offer it at retail. I was just pointing out it’s not even the first time they’ve tried a paddle graphics 

here’s all the colors. They have hawks


Sorry I meant I thought it was funny that we’re getting a retail version of a pro stick that is painted the way it is because the retail paint scheme isn’t permitted. 

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21 minutes ago, seagoal said:

Nice article on NHL.com about Fleury, Elliot, and Tokarski as the 3 remaining foam core stick users


A buddy of mine still plays with foam core. He thinks they’ll be available forever as long as he can get them through prostockheckey.com. I think he will have to switch eventually. I have several Bauer Hybrid and even a bunch of full wood and wooden foam cores left. I am in love with the Bauer Hybrids and I will be crushed when I can’t find any more. I hope to play into my 70s. I suppose I could roll my own. 

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1 hour ago, ilyazhito said:

What's the advantage of foam core sticks over composite? Most sticks available for retail are composite nowadays. Same thing for most custom companies. 

Essentially, a composite stick is a composite-shafted, foam core stick with composite skin enveloping the entire stick. The foam core stick essentially uses a few layers of fibreglass to give the foam just enough rigidity and protection to be used as the main stick material. It plays a lot like wood with lighter weight. It catches pucks well, passes and shoots wonderfully. But foam core eventually breaks down and feels like a noodle, unless you reinforce it internally with some fibre cloth in the foam. Encase it in full composite, the foam doesn’t break down like a foam core, and there is more of a pop like a composite player stick. 

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