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Best Water Bottle

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2 hours ago, big_tommy68 said:

Not quite the price version, but never had one break.


They are pop top, but I leave it popped open all game and it doesn't leak unless the straw is really pointing close to straight down

Yeah this is what I have currently for my kid, he finds it hard to elevate enough above his head to drink with his blocker on. 

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On 3/3/2021 at 11:06 PM, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

After 3 unbelievable years, my right hand man, my personal military grade tank, was hit by a fatal rocket after its driver (me) was absolutely obliterated by some kid was garbage hands. Thank you for your service nike bottle😥


I use these, the tops are absolute tanks.  I've gone through a couple only because I've melted a couple of the bottles in the dishwasher.  

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