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Packing your bag

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The pads backpack is a very strange invention given how easy it is to sling pads over the shoulder without this device.  For years I have used an old shoulder strap from a bag with a couple of carabiners, looped through the professor straps, for my pads and I love it.  Back in the day thigh straps or boot straps did the trick; I know some goalies use the toe ties but that's kinda awkward with bungees.


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22 hours ago, dstew29 said:

Honest answers only. Since they make quality goalie bags that comfortably fit all your gear and can be carried over your shoulder (i.e. Brown’s has stood test of time), why carry pads separately? Balancing pads and a bag just never made sense to me. It’s hard enough to maneuver through doors and doorways with one item balanced on your shoulder…

Mostly because the increase in bag size required to fit your pads makes it even more unwieldy. 

When my pads are on my opposite shoulder, it's a small shift of my shoulder to drop the pads into my hands to easily maneuver through doorways and a quick shift back up to my shoulder to carry on. 

19 hours ago, WillyGrips13 said:

I would think if you carry your pads over your shoulder, a regular player bag or small goalie bag would be enough for the rest of your gear. IDK, I never liked the pads out of the bag method. It was a mess the times I tried it.

How else are you supposed to show off your sweet gear if they're just stashed away in your bag?

Ya gotta strut son. 

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I use a Sumo now, so gloves, pants, mask, chest protector, and skates go inside. Jerseys are in a bag with my change of clothes, shower kit, and water. Sticks attach to the side of my bag, and pads are strapped in upside down, face facing the inside of the bag. 

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