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VE8 --> V9 : Soft --> Stiff


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1 hour ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

To your credit my old set was a 33", no thigh rise addition lol.  I still don't wear knee pads though :giggle:

The last crippling knee shot did it for me (helped that I upgraded to a pair of pads a little roomier in the knee). In fairness - they are only pared down junior Warriors so it kind of amounts to a couple rounds of duct tape... but you win out as the last holdout.

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3 hours ago, elie said:

I am in 30+2 int ve8s but the tight leg channel is bugging me, thinking of upgrading to the v9s, wondering if you feel the leg channels are the same width or if the v9s are wider?

Hmm, that's a good question.  Honestly, leg channel width is not something I pay attention to or think of.  It's not a point of interest or concern for me, personally.  I also no longer have the VE8s so I can't compare them anymore, sorry.

I would suspect that the leg channels are identical or nearly identical, but that is just speculation.  I do wear Warrior Pro + knee pads, which are quite bulky and wide, without the knee wing flap on the pads.  I can't say that I noticed any differences transitioning from Velocity 8 to 9.

Maybe you could give some of the nicer hockey shops a call and ask them to measure for you with the 8 and 9 side by side.  I recommend The Hockey Shop in Surrey, BC or any Goalie Monkey store.

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On 7/13/2021 at 2:10 PM, seagoal said:

Thank, I appreciate it.  I'm not surprised this hiccup happened.  This was a big jump (for me anyway) in terms of feel.

It's a good lesson for us goalies making a switch to something different that just because it feels different and weird and awkward at first doesn't mean it's a deal breaker and that the change was bad.  I think a solid 2 weeks, more than a half dozen times of use is a good, warranted trial period.

My whole goal in this thread was more of a documentary...getting this all on record for goalies to reference in the future when going through trial and error with new gear. I was never giving up on the red gear or gasping for air (yet) :)

Ain't that the truth. 

Going from my RGT2 to my 2S pads has been a hell of a transition and a lot of the same issues you were facing at the start of this thread have been almost identical to my learning progress. 

I have only about 7 skates on my 2S pads, and only the last 2 of them the strapping has been 90% there. I feel that since I have the strapping to a point that works for me and the pads, I can truly start to adapt to the pads and allow them to influence how I play. 

I can't say the transition has been the smoothest ever. It's taken some time to get used to the lack of flex in the boot, lack of torsional flex, no break in the knee, angled boot, and completely different leg channel/strapping. 

My experience on this switch reminded me of this thread and I just wanted to chime in too. 

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