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In the spring I grabbed a new Sportmask Pro 3, F Series, from @TGC-Rance at the Goalie Crease.  I've never had a plain white mask... and after using the mask for the first time on Monday night... It needs some color.

I'm thinking of going with a wrap vs paint... But am still not 100% on that (If anyone has any experience with JF Aumais Mask Wraps let me know).

My 2 design thoughts are:

Simple matte black. white window and red trim stripe (mash up of these 2 masks):


Or a Canadian theme... Black base with a flag style maple leaf on the forehead (Like the one on the side of this mask):


Plus 2 more different style maple leafs on the sides like Crawford's mask from a few years back:


And I'm still undecided on what to included on the chin drop.

Let me know your opinions... And if anyone has any design experience and can help me with the layout let me know.  Colors would match my current RGT Pro Set up...


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