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Brian’s Gnetik X


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20 hours ago, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

My highschool job budget said no but got excited when it saw these

To be fair, I waited until I was 39 to try playing goalie - and then sorta convinced my wife that these could sorta be a 40th/Christmas/41st present- lol! The way I see it, I went WITHOUT buying gear for years - decades, even - so why splurge? 

And as long as I’m being honest here, I still find any new Brian’s release exciting! 

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Does anyone have on-ice experience with Brian’s senior level catchers?  It seems like their senior level pads get high marks, but I haven’t heard much about the gloves.  I realize that you miss out on BOA with the Optik 9.0 and G-NETik X, but how has the protection been?  I’m torn between waiting for the Warrior GT3 stuff next year or perhaps jumping on this offering from Brian’s.  Truth be told, I really don’t need new gear, but I want it, and once that seed is planted...

Also, @Brians_Joz, I see in the catalog that the Senior sizes start at 33+1”, but I’ve seen certain retailers offering 32+1” (my size) in previous Sr. lines when 33+1” was the smallest per catalog.  Did any retailers order the shorter pad?

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