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Show Off Your Action Photos


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One of the few shots I have from two days worth of commercial shoots at NHL Media Week way back in 2011. I had forgotten that I even had a few pictures until I went looking through my Mac for some hockey photos for this new board =]

That was the final shoot of the week with Zach Parise. IMG_0529.thumb.JPG.0e0719e7e229dc178f7a274dd593711b.JPG

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16 hours ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

Another thread to be carried over from the GSBB.  All of my action photos are copyrighted on the league website so I cannot save them to post them.  I'll have to bring them up on my phone and take screenshots and then post.

You got a lot of awesome one, Mr. R.

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2 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:

??Invite your goalie to the new site! He used to post on the GSBB and is still on Mod Squad 

You are welcome to go ask him, I don't know him enough to personally invite him here.

2 hours ago, sebastiancp1 said:

Wait, @Hills, is that Lemiuex from the famous ModSquad post on "the myth of pad rotation..."?  If so, tell him great post!!

He was just a source for pictures, he didn't write the post.

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1 hour ago, Fullright said:

Typo by me. It should have read "You got a lot of awesome ones, Mr. R" meaning I've seen a bunch of your pics at GSBB. Sorry about that.

Oh ok, to be honest I figured you mean "ones" but I wasn't sure what you meant.  I don't recall posting many on there.  I have a bunch more recent ones but I gotta remember to screenshot them on my phone.

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On 2/22/2017 at 7:39 PM, cwarnar said:

SBR - Love your Vaughns, haven't seen many with the knee rolls matching the tribal accents.

And Passau twigs are money... Wish I would have upgraded to the composite shaft tho

Thanks!  Yea they gave me a hard time about it until I told them how I wanted it.  All it really is is a vertical stitch retro graphic and I asked them to add the V6 graphics as an overlay.  When I originally asked what I wanted they thought I wanted the whole V6 graphic and stitching with red knee rolls.  They wouldn't do that but they had no problem doing my idea.

The Passau sticks were great.  Absolute tanks.  I bought a Custom 3 pack a few years back and they lasted a long time.  I am using Warrior sticks now though.

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15 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:




IF, a big IF(first born on the way), I ever get another set of gear I am thinking about going with a vintage tan set.  I usually don't give a shit if I match my team jersey but lately I've been thinking it would be nice for once.  It's been a while lol.  Not that tan/brown would perfectly match my team which is Black/Yellow/White but it would surely be better than Red/White/Blue haha

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