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Black Friday & Holiday Deals


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They are the big box store of hockey equipment for sure, but I don't know  any other retailers selling 960 XPM masks for $850 instead of $999, you must have some pretty good local retailers. 

The Goalie Crease only has 10% off, but a bit better stock to pick from in some cases. 

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Sorry, my response came across as crass. Didn't mean it and thanks for the heads up you're giving. I work for the parent company of PHL so I shouldn't be talking crap about them I just find everything overpriced, yes some items are competitive. 

At the end of the day, their pricing is the result of being a big box shop, you're right. I still really enjoy the store as they are pretty much the only thing in my general area to get hands-on time with gear.

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3 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:

@TitanG it’s just a replica of that paint job 

I didn’t catch that at first either 

Still looks like one of the Lefebvre Pro models. Who’s selling? Just curious as you previously mentioned those were sold to teams for $2000, so this seems like a significant discount considering the paint job as well. 

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8 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:

The Habs are selling it at the Bell Center 

When Cody first sent it to me and said $1500 CAD, I wanted to buy it. The mask alone is worth more, the DaveART paintjob alone is worth it...

but it’s a replica and I don’t know how much it would appreciate in value 

Yeah, it’s tempting because of the price (pun intended), but then again it’s already a few years old (judging by vent holes) and for roughly the same price you could get a full custom mask from another manufacturer.

8 hours ago, Chenner29 said:

We (Maltese) are doing a 10% off special on a multiple item order for Black Friday for US customers.

Shoot me a PM if you want to get set up with something!

I also saw Goaliparts.com doing a Cyber Monday deal with the X1M Pro for like $150 USD off.

Altogether, seems like some great deals to be had.

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