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2 hours ago, stackem30 said:

Sorry, the strap thing is ridiculous.

I'm not saying lighter straps aren't something to aspire to or prefer, but do people really think Hellebuyck or Hotlby are "weighed down" by a few extra straps? That those straps are affecting their quickness, their energy? That they're making a difference in whether they make a save or not? Goalies from decades ago still wore stuffed leather pads with tons of straps, and they were still better and quicker than anyone on this board. 

It's fine to prefer less/lighter straps. But they're not going to make you a better goalie, or help you make a save. Sometimes I think on a subconscious level, many of us love to focus on our gear, because it's far easier to 'work on' than technique or training. Instead of worrying about strap weight, I'd work on your skating and conditioning instead. That stuff *actually* makes a difference in whether you make a save or not.

i dont think it in the slightest (Holtby + Hellebuyck being weighed down) I used them as examples bc they have a lot of straps. its not the right reason of leather straps for weight reducing. its innovation. like @TheGoalNet has said, the advantage of velcro straps is that u can wear the pad really tight and still get proper pad rotation, and it makes the pad quicker to take on and off.

1 hour ago, Kayen said:

Agreed. I'm not going to notice that weight. QK5 is weight difference is pointless only plus I see is durability advantages over leather. 
I think less straps are popular for us lazy cucks who just want to have more time to chug beer before/after our ice times (we all know that's the most important part). 

yeah its a gimmick lol. hate changes just for the sake of changes. if taking away leather straps made a drastic performance change in a goalies game it would be a different story. ccm has been very ¨if it aint broke dont fix it¨ w their gear designs and it was unneeded to change the strap material, looks like just a selling point

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2 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:

I think you're onto something here and it requires a mime. Could be a site staple.

Do we have a more concise word choice?

Unless Pablo Escobar would have cut your fingers off, it's not going to make you better

"I can haz light pad stwap??"

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