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Aegis Interceptor HD Pro

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I just want to say that I’ve been using this neck guard since last season and I love it. Luckily for me I haven’t had to cut or customize the neck height on mine but it feels great and I forget I’m even wearing it most times. Have taken shots high and near the neck/collarbone area and again forget I’m wearing it so I think it’s serving it’s purpose. 

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3 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:

FYI, this code isn't compatible with their current 20% off "Christmas sale"

Yeah, I posted something about the neck guard. Got tons of great feedback and I aegis if we could to do a promo code for the Holidays... they said yes and then decided to just do a 20% off sale anyway, haha


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Reviving this thread once again to worship this neck guard. Took a one timer at the hashmarks from a 6’4” sphl defenseman straight to the neck and while I absolutely keeled over from the sting and shock of being hit there I didn’t get so much as a bruise to show for it and was able to continue a couple minutes later. This neck guard is without a doubt the best piece of equipment you can get no matter what level you play

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So as you can see earlier in this thread, I had a stated intention to buy one of these. But I had the regular/older Aegis interceptor and, well… I didn’t end up buying it.

For reference, I don’t wear a dangler.

Last Friday in a pickup game, a guy caught me with a riser. Luckily I turned a bit, and it caught me in the neck more than in the throat - but still tagged me just above the neck guard/below my mask.Neck pain and headache for a few days. Better now, but a friend (skater) got hit in the throat that same week by a deflection, and couldn’t swallow… trip to the hospital for him. (He’s also better now).

I think I was really lucky. The Pro arrived yesterday. Figured I’d rather pay the $150 CAN and never get hit again than to chance it.

Played a pickup game with it today, felt good - but as I’m still a bit gun-shy, I think I would have liked it to be slightly HIGHER, believe it or not! Loved my other Aegis, and bought player versions for the kids; these products are great. 

For those interested, I took a few comparison pics of the D30 in the older model vs. the Pro. If you’re like I was with the older one, this upgrade is well worth it, IMHO.




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