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2020 IIHF World Junior Championships


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On 12/6/2019 at 8:40 AM, RichMan said:

GO CANADA!! So far, 5 Quebec players have been invited to camp. Any idea who will the goalie invites be?

Daws: was very good in his first game against the US. Great win over the US and Spencer Knight - who like Askarov was not impressive.

Russian goalie Askarov supposedly a top 5 first round pick not impressive in his first outing. I certainly don’t like him, he moves way too much for my style ( he has happy feet ) look at the third goal against the Cze Republic. Also prior to this goal he was moving around like Vasilevsky when the shooter was near the blue line, again too busy for my liking. Any how will be interesting to see with such a highly touted player, could end up being a total flop - will see ?

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28 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:


Whoop whoop - Daws might be the revelation at this tournament, very clam and plays the puck well out of his crease. Not bad for a kid who was the second goalie last year on his team. 

6’4’’ kid had a wake up call this summer lost 25 lbs

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17 hours ago, Big2 said:

.. I certainly don’t like him, he moves way too much for my style ( he has happy feet ) ......

Interesting: on the 2nd, 3rd and to some extent the 4th GA, the goals all went in the side of the net from which he was moving (i.e. against the grain). I wonder if the foot motion is pushing him farther over than he thinks/intends.

I battled being beat on against-the-grain shots on cross-slot/cross-hashmark cuts for a long time. Finally in desperation I started making a conscious effort to narrow up my foot placement on shuffles to reduce/slow up my lateral motion. It made a huge difference, so my assumption is that I was moving way too far for the situation.

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Well analyzed , did you also see how he jumps all over when the shooter is at the blue line . The TSN analysts made the following comment: ( I am paraphrasing )  how can he be ready for a shot when his jumping around ! And he does it all the time !!

It will be interesting to see if the Russians put him back in the net, I doubt it and this flaw in his technique will call him out. This might have been OK when he was younger but with the quality of players he will be up against in the coming years it will be an issue.

I expect his standing as a generational prospect to change.

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Wow Canada getting their ass handed to them 6 - 0 by Russia.

Russia - physical/ skating better/ better goaltending/ grade A scoring chances and first on the puck Russia was lucky on the first goal as there where two offsides that where never called.

If Russia plays like this for the balance of the tournament they will win the gold

On a positive side Ramanov the Montreal Canadiens prospect looks good

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Watching the first game Canada played, both sides looked so uncoordinated and confused. It resembled a drop-in shinny more than anything. Fortunately things got better in the following games.

Daws seems to have blocker issues, his weak point undoubtedly. Lets hope he works on it a bit before the big games happen. 

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10 minutes ago, Big2 said:

Go Canada !!!!

I think this could be a physical game ?

I think it has to be if Canada wants to take it. One of the big reasons they lost to the Russians in the round robin was because the Russians manhandled them . Hoping Canada can dole some back out and take some control.

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