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Knee Pads Under Compression Pants

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I wear my knee pads (modified old grey Reeboks) under Under Armour compression pants.  After a few skates, I start to get holes in the pants due to pucks, friction, and the thin material.

I am looking for recommendations for a more durable option to wear.  Not looking to use socks if possible. Thanks!

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25 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Why not wear the knee pads on top of the compression pants? You must be blowing through a ton of dough spending money on new pants all the time.

Because they slide down/ don't stay in place as well.  Also get caught on elastic.  i tape at the bottom of the knee pads and they don't move.

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I wear a pair of player socks over my knee pads, and tuck the bottom cuff up underneath the bottom band on my knee pads. (I posted pictures somewhere on the site. [EDIT] Here!: https://www.thegoalnet.com/forums/topic/2748-goalie-jock-and-knee-pads-are-falling-down-how-to-fix-this/?tab=comments#comment-58007). Never had any slippage issues.

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17 hours ago, jeff da goalie said:

what's the big deal about wearing socks?  I wear compression pants, the knee pads on top, then socks and I tape them in place.  They're comfortable and don't move at all.

Yup that’s the ticket for me as well. Warrior X2 Pro knee pads over compression pants with socks over it. 
Also helps with sliding on the knee and other things so even if it wasn’t holding the knee pads alone I’d still do it. 

I also wonder “am I looking like a douche?” but matching non-knit or even “color of the nylon of your leg pads” isn’t that much. Got cheep ones on amazon that work just fine. 

Edit: I wear Dare Devil Hockey compression pants unless I’m doing a practice skate cause that OHL video freaked me out and I have to go to my real job. 

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Do you have any pics of your modifed grey RBK knee pads? They sound interesting. 

Anyways, yeah, I'd wear the knee pads on top of your compression pants, then use hockey socks (I'd recommend the newer CCM Edge style socks) to keep things in place. I use a little bit of tape and things are perfect and this method won't burn through your compression pants. 

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